Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

Why study an EPQ?

If you're a Level 3 student, the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a great opportunity to develop your knowledge in a subject area that interests you. Unlike a traditional assignment, you'll undertake a self-guided research project in a topic of your choice. Once completed, you'll be awarded UCAS points that count towards your overall UCAS tariff score.

  • Tailor your project to a topic that you're passionate about
  • Gain an additional qualification equivalent to half an A-Level
  • Develop your self-directed study and independent research skills
  • Prepare for the type of assessment you'll encounter during degree-level study
Why study an EPQ?

Level 3 English EPQ

Research and produce a final written piece on a subject chosen by you. Your project can be delivered in a variety of ways including as a dissertation, magazine, YouTube series or designs. All are supported by extensive research and a presentation.

Topics previously chosen by our students include:

  • To what extent does your smartphone know you better than you know yourself?
  • How do different parenting styles affect a child's development?
  • Is space exploration viable, necessary or beneficial?
  • How can PSHE be taught using multi-character role playing computer games in school?

Exam board: AQA

Level 3 English EPQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Information about the Level 3 English EPQ.

  • What kind of format do I use to complete my project?

    There is some creative flexibility when it comes to presenting your project. You can choose either:

    • Film / App / Magazine / Art piece / Event / Production / TED talk / Photography
    • 1,000 (minimum) words + research + presentation
      (Approx 2 sides A4) 


    • Dissertation / Study / Research Paper / Report
    • 5,000 words + research + presentation 
      (Approx 10 pages)
  • How long does it take to complete an EPQ?

    It takes approximately 120 hours in to complete your EPQ. You'll complete the project over six months, beginning in October and finishing towards the end of April.
    This equates to 2 hours per week over 6 months: 1 hour of taught content and 1 hour for independent research & development. 

    You choose the topic and steer your own research but we are here to help you navigate the topic and support you.

  • Will universities and future employers recognise an EPQ?

    Yes, an EPQ shows your university and future employers that you are motivated to study beyond your college course. You'll develop the following transferable skills:

    • Independent study skills
    • Time management
    • Organisational and planning skills
    • Managing a project deadline
    • Research and investigative skills 

    When you attend interviews, you'll be able to use examples and experience gained from your EPQ to future job roles.

    If you're interested in degree-level study, the EPQ will give you a taster of the academic skills and assessment method used at university. For example, you'll learn how to reference your assignment. 

  • How many UCAS points is the EPQ equivalent to?

    An EPQ is equivalent to half an A-Level. Your project will be graded according to the following UCAS tariff points:

    A* 28 points
    A 24 points
    B 20 points
    C 16 points
    D 12 points
    E 8 points

    Did you know that 1 in 5 students that go to the top universities complete an EPQ? It's a worthwhile and well-respected qualification that can make the difference between going and not going to your first choice university.

Level 3 Core Maths

Level 3 Core Maths includes finance topics that are useful for life and work and is designed to help you engage with, explore, enjoy and succeed in maths.

Like the Extended Project Qualification, Level 3 Core Maths can be studied alongside your full-time course at College.

The course builds on skills and knowledge developed during the GCSE maths programme and is taught by our expert maths tutors.

Topics include:

  • maths for personal finance
  • estimation
  • the analysis of data

Assessment: 100% exam based with 2 exams at end of the year

Exam board: AQA


Level 3 Core Maths