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Please read through the instructions carefully so you don't miss anything important.


We're really excited to welcome you to the Catering & Hospitality courses here at Brighton MET central campus!


  • Ensure you complete your enrolment form. This will be emailed to you over the summer.
  • Attend course confirmation at the end of August. You will receive an invite to this session near the time.
  • Buy the kit list. Details are available below.
  • Complete the summer projects. We've set a few activities for you to complete before you start in September.
  • Spend some time reading. We've suggested some things you might like to read below. 
  • Watch the videos and read the quotes from previous students.
  • Take a virtual tour of our facilities.

Key information

Below you will find links to everything you need to know or do before you start your course in September.

Please make sure you click the correct course level as information does vary.

Digital skills

Did you know you will be using a range of Google services when you start college in September? Our digital team have put together this helpful guide explaining the different tools you might be using in your lessons.

360º facilities tour

  • Chefs plating up food
  • A student finishing a plate of food
  • Catering
  • Catering
  • James Villiers and apprentice outside a restaurant
  • Catering students group photo