Your journey to college

September 2022

Thank you for applying to study at the MET

Choosing the right college path is an important step. We’ve created these pages to help you decide which option is best for you and guide you on your journey to college. 

We'll be adding more useful information as the year progresses. Make sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly, so you don’t miss out.

Frequently asked questions

Have you got questions about starting in September? Check out our FAQ below. For any other enquiries please contact

  • When will I receive a date for my application review?

    Once you have submitted an application, you will be sent a date and time for an application review (an interview) within 15 working days. 

  • What happens if I cannot attend my application review?

    If you cannot make your application review session, please email or call 01273 667704 to reschedule for a different date and time. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide an alternative slot straightaway, but will do our utmost to accommodate you with your next invite. 

  • What should I expect at my application review meeting?

    Your application review is an opportunity for you to see if the College is the right fit for you. Your tutor will be able to give you information about the course and answer any questions you might have. Depending on which course you have applied for, you may be asked to bring some work to show with you (e.g. a portfolio of artwork). 

  • When will I receive an offer?

    You will receive an outcome following your application review within 10 working days. If you had a verbal offer from the department at your interview, the formal offer from the Admissions team will still arrive with you within 10 working days. 

  • How do I accept my offer?

    To accept your offer, you will need to log into your account at and follow the instructions. Alternatively, you can email our Admissions team, letting them know you wish to accept your offer. They will then complete this process on your behalf. 

  • When will I enrol onto my course?

    If you are enrolling on a full-time course starting in September, you will be invited to a course confirmation event, which takes place after GCSE and A-Level results day, during August and September 2022. Prior to this, you will be emailed an online enrolment form to complete.

  • When will I get my start date and timetable?

    You will receive your start date and timetable before the start of term in September. We appreciate your patience while we get all this information ready for you. 

  • What is a Welcome Day?

    Your welcome day is an opportunity to meet your fellow classmates and get to know more about your chosen subject. Activities on the day will vary, depending on what course you have applied for, but there is a lot to look forward to. 

  • What is a Course Confirmation event?

    Your course confirmation event will happen in late August after GCSE and A-Level results day. At this event, you will be asked to bring your exam results with you and complete your enrolment to secure your place at the College. You will also receive your college ID badge. 

  • What happens if my GCSE grades don’t meet the entry requirements for my course?

    If your results aren’t quite what you hoped for, don’t panic! Please still attend your course confirmation session and we will work with you to find a suitable alternative course. If you need to retake your Math and English GCSEs, this will be factored into your timetable.

  • Once I start college, what support is available if I am experiencing difficulties in my personal life or studies?

    While you are at college, there will be many support services available that can help you feel safe and well in your personal life, and achieve your goals in your studies. Find out more here

  • Will I still get money for my bursary and free college meals?

    If you received a bursary or free school meals at school, you may still be eligible to receive this when you start college. To find out more click here. Please be aware that we will not be accepting bursary applications until late June 2022. 

  • Is there any funding for the kit and equipment I need for my course?

    Yes, you can find out more about this here. Please note we will not be accepting bursary applications until late June 2022. 

  • Will I have any reading or other work to complete over the summer holidays?

    Depending on your course, you may have some reading or other work to complete over the holiday period. You will find information about this on MET Prep.

  • I have another query about my application. How do I contact the Admissions team?

    If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the College using the following email address:

  • How do I use Google software?

    When starting your college with us, you will be expected to use Google Suite. Here's a quick guide to help you get familiar with the tools at your disposal.