Key dates

Leading up to September: Spring 2022

April: Prepare for September

We’ll send you details of our MET Prep portal which contains everything you need to know and do before your course starts.

May: Secure your place

Accept your offer via the application portal:

May/JuneEnd-of-year shows 

Visit our end-of-year shows to see the work of our talented students.

Leading up to September: Spring 2022

Leading up to September: Summer 2022

July: Welcome event

At the end of June/beginning of July, you will be invited into the College for a course welcome event. This is an opportunity to find out more about the course you will be studying, meet your future classmates, and go through everything you need to know or do before you start your course in September, such as completing a summer project, reading essential materials and/or purchasing required kit. 

August: Course confirmation

Come into college for course confirmation - scroll down for more information about your personalised email invitation. Please note that attendance is mandatory to complete your enrolment. Check your invite for the list of things to bring with you, which will include:

  • Exam certificates or exam results slip;
  • A form of ID or your VISA / EU Settlement Status documents; 
  • Any other documents requested on your invitation letter.

September: First term

You are now a MET student – this is the start of a new and exciting chapter of your life. We look forward to meeting you!

Leading up to September: Summer 2022

Course confirmation

If you are a new student starting with us in September, you will have been sent an email invitation to one of our course confirmation events, which run from Wednesday 24 August 2022 to Friday 2 September 2022. Please note that attendance is mandatory to complete your enrolment.

If you haven’t received your invite to your course confirmation appointment before 1 July, please email

Dates for each course confirmation session are provided below but please refer to your personalised email invite for:

  • The time of your appointment on the date listed below
  • Where you should go for your appointment
  • What you will need to bring with you


Wednesday 24 August: Art Foundation

Thursday 25 August: Electrical | Hospitality & Catering

Friday 26 August: Creative Art & Design | Photography

Tuesday 30 August: Beauty | Hairdressing 

Wednesday 31 August: Business | Computing | Travel & Tourism | Sport

Thursday 1 September: Film & Digital Arts | Early Years | Health & Social Care

Friday 2 September: Carpentry | Building Maintenance | Plumbing


Worthing and Shoreham

Wednesday 24 August: Art Foundation

Thursday 25 August: Beauty | Music

Friday 26 August: Engineering | Motor Vehicle

Tuesday 30 August: Building Maintenance | Hairdressing | Hospitality & Catering | Travel & Tourism

Wednesday 31 August: Art, Design, Games and Media | Carpentry

Thursday 1 September: Aeronautics | Early Years | Computing | Uniformed Services

Friday 2 September: Business | Theatre