Student Voice

Tell us what you think

Tell us what you think so that together we can make a positive difference to your college. We want you to be involved in discussing and deciding on things that affect your experience at the MET. We want you to influence what we do and how we develop new ideas.

Student Voice is about:

  • Listening to your concerns, interests and needs
  • Involving you in discussions that are relevant and important to you
  • Making changes as a result of what you say

Student representatives

Each course group will elect one or two students to be their Student Representatives. By becoming a Student Rep you will be a spokesperson for your peers and have the power to influence the College’s environment and education provision.

Your course group will elect their Student Reps during a tutorial session at the beginning of term.

Student Reps gain a lot of experience to add to their CV or Personal Statements, as well as having priority access to cross college trips, such as Thorpe Park, as reward for taking part. Student Reps are issued with special lanyards to identify them to their fellow students.

The Student Council

Student Reps are collectively known as the Student Council – the ‘voice’ of the College. The Council meets at least once a term at each campus to discuss issues that are important to you and your peers.

Student Governor

Each year at least one Student Rep is elected to be the Student Governor, and appointed to serve for the academic year.
Student Governors attend meetings with the College Board of Governors to reflect the views of students at the highest decision making level.
Student Governors are able to give student opinion and thoughts on projects, initiatives and strategy long before they are put into practice.

Equality & Diversity Representatives

By becoming an E&D Rep you will represent the views and interests of other students who hold an identity characteristic which might otherwise be underrepresented in the College’s decision making process.
If you are interested in becoming an E&D Rep, please contact the Student Experience Coordinator to find out more.

The Student Committee

Two Student Reps from each campus will have the opportunity to be ‘Super Reps’ and represent their campus on the smaller Student Committee. The role of the committee is to lead the Student Council with an action plan of key issues, and take an active role in supporting cross college events and activities. The committee will work closely with the Student Experience Coordinator and have the opportunity to meet with the College Principal on a half termly basis, and give feedback on the activity of the Student Council.

Curriculum Feedback Sessions

Student Reps will attend at least two meetings over the academic year with their Curriculum Manager. This is a formal opportunity to discuss issues relating to your course on behalf of your peers.

Student Surveys

The Student Survey is due to happen in January 2019. All students will be asked to complete this online to provide us with valuable information on how you feel about key issues, your experience of starting at College, the teaching and learning, and what it is like to be a student at the MET.

Student voice and enrichment

In this short video, you can find out about student voice and enrichment at the MET.

Want to find out more?

Contact your Student Experience Coordinator: