Study programmes

The MET is committed to supporting you to develop a wide range of essential skills which will prepare you for your future. Your study programme is unique to you and your needs, interests and skills, and is designed with your end goals in mind. Each part of the programme is important and we will work to support you with every element so that you get the most out of your time at the MET.

Main qualification

Your Study Programme includes the main qualification you are studying towards in your chosen subject. In addition, it will include the following elements:

English and maths

If you haven’t already gained a GCSE grade 4 or above in English or mathematics, you will need to continue with these subjects as part of your Study Programme. We offer GCSE and Functional Skills qualifications so whether you are looking to move on to further training, university or employment you will have the opportunity to achieve the qualifications you need to progress. 

Initial assessment

At the start of your Study Programme you will complete an initial diagnostic assessment regarding your literacy and numeracy skills. This is not a test, but will show us if you need any additional support and what areas you will need to focus your attention on.

English and maths

Find out about how English and maths fits into your study programme at the MET in this short video.

Study Programme tutorial

Each week you will meet with your tutor for tutorial. This will include a programme of group activities about keeping safe, health, money management, careers and employability support. There will also be time each week for you to set and review your learning and progression targets. Your tutor will also ensure you are completing all the different elements of your Study Programme and will be a point of contact for you if you need extra help or have a concern that could be preventing you from attending College or progressing with your studies.

Study Programme tutorial

Work experience

Work experience is vital in helping you to progress and, through partnerships with local employers, we will help you to become ‘work-ready’ through work experience placements, industry visits, job shadowing and real-life projects.

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Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

The College’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is used by staff and students to access course information, to complete surveys and to communicate with students. Your course tutor may use Google Drive, Google Classroom, Google Sites or Moodle, or a combination of these services. The VLE also stores copies of your coursework, presentations, notes, homework and assignments. Some tutors also use the VLE to conduct online activities. 

Individual Learning Plan

You will use your online Individual Learning Plan (etrackr) with your tutors to record and monitor your support needs, your attendance and lateness and your Study Programme progress. As a live system, it will provide up-to-date information about your progress for you, your tutor and other key people to access. This may include your parents or careers if you are under 18 years old, your employer if you are an apprentice, or other agencies which have a valid, specific and legal reason to know about your progress.

Individual Learning Plan

A supportive environment

We work hard to make sure our students are given the support they need to succeed throughout their course. Check out this video to hear some of the lovely things they had to say about us.