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Hairdressing students' Erasmus adventure

We have received students from Kuben School, Oslo, to join our hairdressing classes and partake in English language and British Culture classes since 2015.

In May this year, we had the opportunity through Erasmus+ (EU funding) to send six of our UK students to Oslo for two weeks. Our students were welcomed into the school and Norwegian families to gain a unique perspective of life in a different culture and learning environment.

The group joined Norwegian students in their hairdressing classes to enhance their UK learning, and completed cultural and social activities to learn about the lives of young people in another country.

This coming year, we’ll be repeating the project, receiving four students in Brighton and sending six students to Oslo.

Erasmus+ student, Acer Hornsbury, wrote this post:

My trip to Norway was definitely a trip that I will always remember. I had many worries and different thoughts before I went, but my biggest worry was staying with a family that I didn't know and had never met! I was so concerned about what they was going to be like and what the home was going to be like but after I found out that I would be staying with someone else who was going on the trip, that made my nerves a little calmer but I still definitely had the worries going round my head. After arriving at my host family's home my nerves suddenly went away. They were so welcoming and they were just all round nice people. They wanted to get to know us and we wanted to find out more about them. After getting over the nerves, I was so excited about getting to do all the things on our itinerary. We got to see the whole city and also went to places you may not have even known about when being a tourist in Norway.

The college we went to was something special. It was so high tech and just generally an amazing learning environment. The equipment and the rolls the students have access to is something else - even down to the diagrams they use while planning a look or sectioning pattern are just so in depth and so well thought out.

A big thing was being in a learning environment where everyone could understand you but you were unable to understand what they was saying in their language. It did worry me at the start and put me a little bit on edge but after realising there were people in the class who were willing to adapt and understand that speaking in English while being with us was important to us, it just made us feel more welcomed! But it also taught me that I was able to overcome my fears and my nerves that could've of stopped me from going on this trip which was a once in a life time opportunity and I'm so glad I did it.

The most important part of this post is just go for it! The things you get out of it in terms of hairdressing and just general life skills are something that is life changing. I've learnt different things in hairdressing that are so unique to the teachers over there that have helped me with my hairdressing back in the UK and also gave me a lift in confidence which I definitely needed.

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