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Case study - James: BTEC Level 3 Music Technology and BA (Hons) Music Production


I never set out to be a recording engineer. From a youth spent playing in bands, touring around Eastern Europe, my skills were developed from a passion for music as an art form. In 2007 when my band hired noted American musician, record producer, audio engineer and music journalist Steve Albini to record, it proved an experience (amongst many others) that ignited my striving for audio excellence.

Since studying my Music Production BA degree in 2008 I have accumulated over a decade of expertise as a professional recording engineer: developing my techniques to harness the unique power of every musician and putting their skills and personality at the forefront of their performance.

I now run Third Circle Recording, a music recording and rehearsal studio in Brighton and Hove: where I get to help others realise how a recording in a great sounding room can make their instrument sound`. Over the years my passion has taken me into many roles: from freelance audio duties for the BBC and several other media post-production companies, to creating sound effects for Mattel toys, to recording, mixing and mastering live events across the country.

For a time I even found my way to working at the University of Sussex as chief Music Technician, growing alongside helping students achieve their creative goals. Empathising with their learning processes allowed for me to discover my own talent for guiding others through the shared struggles anyone in the industry has faced; from 4am sound mixing to overcoming a creative mental block - they’re all parts of the process.

My beloved studio now makes a familiar environment where I meet and bond with new people on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter what music my own punk rocker heart craves to create, there is still precious beauty to anything others bring to me and I have spent my life working to a role that is more than just a job to survive on.

This is what I do and this is who I am.

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