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Case Study: Marcin - AAT Level 1 | AAT Level 2

Marcin started at the MET in January 2020 - just before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. He was looking to change his career, and decided to try the AAT Level 1 Bookkeeping course. Here, he shares his story and hopes for the future.

How did you start your AAT journey?

“I started my journey with the AAT Level 1 in Bookkeeping, as it was a short course and allowed me to check how I liked it and if it suited me. I discovered that I enjoyed it and made the decision to pursue accounting as a career. With interruptions caused by lockdown, I completed the Level 1 course and applied to continue studying Level 2.”

When did you start Level 2?

“I started Level 2 in September 2020, and was nearly forced to give it up because of my financial situation. My tutor, Iwona Flanc, offered support and encouraged me to continue studying. It turned out to be the best decision, as I completed Level 2 with a result that was better than I expected.

Blended learning using Mindful Education, with face-to-face, and remote lessons, were especially beneficial for me. It allowed me to study whenever I had free time and wherever I was. Mindful Education helped me to understand all of the important topics, and provided a variety of exercises to check progress at each stage. 

The face-to-face and remote sessions with the tutor gave me the opportunity to ask questions and clarify anything that I wasn’t sure of. This helped me to focus on concepts that I needed to strengthen and develop further. As a result, I got amazing results for my exams.”

What are your plans for the future?

“Now that I have finished Level 2, I am confident that I can progress on to Level 3. This is thanks to my tutor who has continued to encourage me, and even applied for an AAT bursary on my behalf. I was simply delighted to hear that I have been granted an AAT bursary, as this financial support allows me to feel secure and confident to progress in my studies. 

Being awarded an AAT bursary can also benefit me as I begin to apply for jobs, which is important for a candidate without relevant work experience. I am keen to start Level 4 as an apprentice with GB MET and I am looking forward to the new opportunities.”


Iwona Flanc, AAT Curriculum Manager and Lecturer at the MET, said, "I applied for an AAT scholarship for Marcin in the hope that his hardworking attitude and integrity will be recognised and rewarded. Marcin started the Access Award in Bookkeeping Level 1 course and progressed on to the Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Accountancy during the pandemic. 

Despite challenges, Marcin was determined to continue in his studies. He worked really hard to pass exams in a timely manner. Marcin has a very calm nature, is a great colleague in his group, and supports and motivates others in these unsettling times, he is a great role model. I found it very inspiring. 

Marcin is focused to achieve his goals and dreams to become an apprentice and a qualified accountant. I am sure the AAT fully sponsored Level 3 course will get him closer to make his dream a reality"

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