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Eli’s barbering story - there’s no short cut to success

“I love being a barber. I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

Eli completed his Level 2 Barbering course at the MET in 2018 and, after going on to an apprenticeship, is now working for renowned company Smokey Barbers. In this blog post, he shares his journey with us.

Why did you apply for the Level 2 Barbering course?

“I always felt happy in a barber shop. A good haircut gives you confidence and a barber shop is a great place to be.”

How did the course help you in your current employment and your career?

“I passed my Level 2 with a distinction and then I was helped to get an apprenticeship with the Afro Hair Academy in Brighton. I got to learn and improve my skills, and the owner, Wayne, taught me how to be a professional barber. From there I was recruited by Smokey from Smokey Barbers in London. They are one of the top barber shops in the country. I’ve been working at Smokey’s now for over a year and it’s brilliant.”


How did Greater Brighton MET support your development?

“Whenever I needed support or advice, even after I finished the course, I would drop in and ask my tutors. They’ve been really great.”

Has the experience been rewarding? Could you share some highlights?

“I love being a barber. I can’t imagine doing anything else. It’s given me so many opportunities - I even got to travel to Madeira this year to cut a footballer’s hair for his wedding.

The biggest highlight now is that I’m the face on the poster of the new Smokey Barber in Birmingham.”


What are your plans for the future?

“I’m going to continue my career with Smokey Barbers. They’ve given me great opportunities, and I’m concentrating on being the best barber possible.”


What advice would you give to anyone considering studying the Level 2 Barbering course at the MET?

“Barbering is hard work, I’m on my feet all day and work long hours, but I wouldn’t change a thing. The course gives you the foundation skills you need to start your career, and the staff are brilliant in supporting and guiding you.”


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