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For Alezah, business makes sense

“Doing this course took something that was once a curiosity, and turned it into a career path.”

Alezah studied Business Studies and Estate Agency before going on to an apprenticeship as a Customer Adviser in the Admissions team at the MET.  Here she shares her story with us.

“After receiving a distinction for GCSE business, I chose to further my knowledge of the business world. My sister inspired me to apply to GB MET as she had successfully completed her course and had a good experience. I have always dreamed of owning my own coffee shop, and the business course was an opportunity to start on the path to that dream.

“Studying business gave me insight, academic knowledge, and provided me with many transferable skills in understanding how businesses operate. The course has allowed me to build on qualities such as professionalism, people skills, and patience.

“I have been able to transfer these skills including communication skills, problem solving, and decision making in my current role at GB MET. In my customer-facing role I have been able to develop essential customer service skills such as clear communication and empathy, which is vital in providing a good customer experience.

“The staff and students throughout my time at GB MET gave me tremendous support both academically and personally. Initially shy and fresh-faced, I soon grew into someone who can confidently tackle new tasks and break down problems efficiently - I entirely put this down to the support I received from everyone at GB MET.

“I deeply enjoyed my time at GB MET, and I wanted to further my career development, so the apprenticeship seemed like a great opportunity to further my skills and experience.

“Doing the Business Studies and Estate Agency courses at GB MET took something that was once just a curiosity and turned it into a definitive career path. The experience has been very rewarding as it has allowed me to use my experience and knowledge as a student to help other students who may also be struggling with the same issues, as I can advise and listen to them and share my journey. My highlight is working and learning at the place I loved to study.

“In the next three years, I would like to continue to develop and reinforce my skills in customer service, as I would love to be a successful estate agent by the time I am 22. I am very grateful that GB MET has provided me with the opportunity to aspire to meet this goal.

“If I were to advise my 16-year-old self, I would tell them to get stuck into difficult tasks. For me, when I learn something challenging in one subject area, simpler problems become easier. Although this worked for me, what I learned above all was that you need to find the proper methods for you and your learning style.

“The MET created an environment for me to explore and grow. Both the students and the staff encouraged a self-inquisitive method of learning that bolstered my learning beyond the potential I thought possible.”


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