College life

“I was pretty sad that I’d failed. But I told myself there must be a different option.”

Mohammed student

Mohammed, age: 17

Studying: Business BTEC at The MET

Went to: Brighton Aldridge Community Academy, Brighton

Qualifications obtained at school: none




“I failed all my GCSEs at school. I was hanging out with my friends too much and, let’s just say, I wasn’t exactly that motivated to study. On results day I knew it wasn’t going to be great but I was pretty sad that I’d failed everything. But I told myself there must be a different option. And there was.


I got onto a Travel and Tourism course, which is something I thought I’d enjoy but after a year I decided to swap to BTEC Business. The great thing about college is that if you’re not that into the course you are doing, they let you swap. I’ve also resat my maths GCSE twice. So, that’s three times in total. I could have given up the first or second time but I didn’t and I got it on my third try.


I’m going to leave college with my Maths and English GCSEs and Level 3 Business which is equivalent to three A-levels, and hopefully go to uni. So, to anyone who’s doing their GCSEs right now I’d say honestly don’t stress about it. Whatever happens there’s always another option.”


Mohammed is sharing his story as part of The MET's #NoStressSuccess campaign on the YMCA e-wellbeing mental health support website for 12-25 year-olds.

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