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Pindrop Productions - Alumni overview

Name: Pindrop Productions
Course studied: BA Theatre Arts
Date of completion: 2018/2019

Pindrop Productions are a group of BA Theatre Arts graduates from the MET. They describe themselves as ‘an ever-changing group of theatre-makers, artists and freelancers’. They create, tell stories and run workshops in the local community. 

Here’s what they have to say:

“There were many reasons why we all applied for the course, but for most of us, it was the location, and the chance to be around Brighton, a creative hub, and the chance to actually be in the Brighton Fringe festival. The course also provided the opportunity to work with other disciplines, not only to see how they work, but also to help us create industry contacts that were beneficial for the future. This course embodied unity and collaboration across all disciplines, giving each person a voice and the chance to learn from each other as well as the tutors.”

Support and discover

“One of our tutors, Vanessa, encouraged us to apply to Adur and Worthing Trusts’ Creative Commissions, in the hopes of creating our very first production outside of education, and we were lucky enough to have a successful bid and receive funding. From then we formed Pindrop Productions. This wonderful group of alumni came from different creative backgrounds, which enabled us to be successful. Working together during the BA helped us to discover each other, work on our professional practice together, and figure out each other's strengths so that we are able to work together seamlessly. Each member of Pindrop has their own speciality and role in creating projects. It was this practice that gave us the confidence to go after other funding opportunities, successfully gaining support from Worthing’s Community Chest, The Pebble Trust and moving on to publishing our own collection of short stories in 2020, Raccoons Are Hard To Come By (now available on Amazon). Our next project is to expand the Raccoons Are Hard To Come By series of work, with the next story in the collection due to be performed at The Warren in Brighton Fringe 2021. To be creating work in these times has been challenging for many artists around the country, and we have been very lucky to continue to do so throughout lockdown.

Since graduating the college has supported us by providing rehearsal spaces for our projects and the tutors are always happy to help and always willing to provide feedback and promote our work.”

Springboard to professionalism

“The biggest highlight of the BA is the tutors; their commitment to each student and combined skills create an incredibly rewarding experience. They really do want to see you succeed. This support was the springboard that allowed us to jump straight into the industry and start putting on our own shows!

The most valuable opportunity was the chance to meet new people and make new connections, to see how others work and adopt new methods; skills which all come together in an end-of-year project. For us, it was a show at Brighton Fringe. A real production, in a real industry setting. This unforgettable opportunity gave us a truly exciting start in our professional careers - an experience we will never forget!

Our short term plans are to put on a successful Fringe show this year (2021), with support from the Pebble Trust. Then in the long run, we would like to develop Pindrop to be a self-sustaining business and art platform for under-represented communities, working in Worthing, Brighton and across the south coast.”

Develop and explore

“One of the main pieces of advice we’d like to give is to take advantage of the facilities available to you. Use the studios, use the library, ‘use’ the tutors. They are there to help and push you to be better. 

Always keep an open mind, especially when choosing a creative course and don’t be afraid to explore your own creativeness, as well as that of others - talk to people, learn from them. The connections you make on the BA can last a lifetime, and most certainly will open up career opportunities.”

Find out more about the BA (Hons) Theatre Arts course.


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