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Worthing Pride

In July 2018 we were so proud to take part in the first ever Worthing Pride. Our volunteers raised money for Allsorts Youth Project who support and empower people under 26 who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or unsure (LGBTU) of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Our theme was ‘Express Yourself’, which signifies equality, diversity and inclusivity within the College. This is what our volunteers had to say about their experience:

Catarina Ludovico - Photographer and Camera Operator - Level 3 Digital Arts

"Being a student from Digital Arts and wanting to succeed as a photographer and videographer, I try to take as many opportunities as I can and when Keira told me about this opportunity, I couldn’t pass it up. Not only was it a great experience where I was able to expand my skills, but also attending the first Worthing Pride as part of the LGBTQ+ community made the event something special for me."

Hannah Jillett - Stall Assistant - Fine Art (BA HONS)

"I first heard about the Worthing Pride from my partner, Catarina, who was going to be taking pictures and filming the event. When she asked me to participate I jumped at the chance of being part of something new. I was more than happy to help out in every way I could, with my art or without it, and it was amazing meeting so many new people that shared the joy and excitement of being part of the LGBTQ+ community."

Juan Allan-Bernal - Stall Assistant - Senior Learning Support Assistant

“I have had previous experience of volunteering at Brighton pride. I used to volunteer for two LGBT charities and represented them in the parade and in the park over many years. When the opportunity came up to represent the College at Worthing Pride I jumped at it. I think it’s especially important for the College to be seen as an inclusive environment for students and staff. I look forward to seeing this relationship grow between Worthing Pride and the MET and hopefully in the future have the Brighton campuses involved with Worthing Pride.”

Heather Pettman - Hair Stylist for Pride - Level 3 Hair

“When I was asked to volunteer at Worthing Pride I was very happy to be involved and to use my hairdressing skills and creativity to raise money for a worthwhile cause. I was excited to be a part of the day and I look forward to being a volunteer again in the future.”

Evie Redfern & Sophie Cole - Designed and created the backdrop for photos - Level 3 Design for Theatre & Film Diploma

“We decided to take on this project because it’s a really exciting event to be a part of and it’s a good opportunity to paint something that loads of people are going to be able to see.”

Kid Ivy (Band members - Josh Craggs & Jordan Terry) played a half hour set. They have just completed a Music Production degree.

“It gave us the chance to see Worthing get behind a good cause, because it’s been a long time coming. It was new and exciting having a big part in Worthing’s first Pride and being a part of what we feel the town should be celebrating.”

Keira Thomas -  Senior Learning Support Assistant  - Originator and responsible for overseeing the project

“Being a member of the LGBT community, Equality & Diversity is important in every aspect of my life, both personally and professionally. I have lived in Worthing all of my life, and when I was told that Worthing would be hosting it’s very first Pride event, I felt both excited and emotional that it was taking place to celebrate such values and rights that members and allies of the LGBT community have fought hard to obtain since the 1970s. It has special personal meaning because Worthing is where I have grown up and has been my home and foundation throughout  my journey of coming out and identifying as a lesbian, which is significant to the person I am proud to be today.

Alongside volunteering for Worthing Pride, I organised the College’s involvement with support from Nick Juba and his Executives, as well as  the Principal Sharon Collett, other supportive staff and my amazing team of volunteers. My enthusiastic team included students and staff who helped to make my vision become a reality in terms of celebrating and expressing individuality by encouraging individuals to proudly be their true self."

We had a stall at the event where we sold personalised photo lanyards and did Glitter Roots, Plaits and Space Buns for a donation to Allsorts Youth Project, who support & empower children & young people under 26 who are lesbian, gay, bisexual trans or unsure (LGBTU) of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

The day was truly special and was a great success, which resulted in the College raising £210 for Allsorts’ highly worthwhile project.

The College values and promotes a culture of Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity, whilst creating a safe and encouraging environment for our students and staff to embrace their individuality in terms of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation. These characteristics are heavily integrated within our working practices and learning environments, where we aim to highlight the support available within the College as well as within the community.

"We believe that it is fundamental for our students to gain support and acceptance from the community in order to help them flourish, achieve and to aid them on their future journey towards self-actualisation.

Worthing Pride demonstrated the unity of Worthing’s community, it’s surrounding areas and those who attended from further afield. The sun shined bright and it was amazing to be part of the vibrant, friendly atmosphere and to witness the happiness of celebatorors enjoying themselves.

The day was one of my favourite experiences to-date and I am already looking forward to what next year has to offer, especially having accepted the offer to be a member of the Worthing Pride Event Management team for 2019.

Here’s to exciting times ahead and welcoming you to next year’s celebration.

We hope to see you there!”


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