A message to our students following recent national media coverage

 Dear student

We are aware that the recent national media coverage may be causing heightened concerns in regard to gender-based discrimination, harassment, abuse and violence.

These news stories and images are upsetting and deeply concerning. 

The College takes the personal safety of our students extremely seriously and continues to promote a safe learning environment for everyone.

If you need to report discrimination, harassment, abuse or violence of any kind, please email safeguarding@gbmc.ac.uk, or speak to a member of the Mentor team by emailing mentor@gbmc.ac.uk or speak to your tutor. If you wish to discuss your concerns with a staff member of a particular gender, please let us know.

The College Safeguarding team are here to ensure all students feel safe and supported, whether this is because you have experienced discrimination, harassment, abuse or violence yourself or wish to discuss your own behaviour towards others. 

The College will support you to ensure you can share your concerns, be heard, get home safely and access appropriate support.

Helena Thomas



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