Ark project inspires flood of inspiration from students

Students at Brighton MET rose to a massive creative challenge recently, having been tasked with researching the biblical story of Noah’s Ark over the summer.

On the first day of their course, the 240 students, from Foundation Art, Foundation Photography and Extended Diploma Art & Design courses, were split into teams, assigned different species of animal and given just six days to put together a large-scale exhibition representing the story using just discarded cardboard and parcel tape.

Tutor Jim Smithyes says:

"Many of the students didn’t know each other before starting the project so it was a great exercise in collaboration and team-work which I feel brought out the best in all of them."

Foundation Art student James Napp says:

"We had no idea what we were going to be challenged with after we’d done the research so we were really thrown in at the deep end, but the freedom we were given using just our own ingenuity was really exciting. Each different animal brought different challenges and some of them were humongous so just for them to be standing upright was an achievement in itself! To see the whole exhibition was quite overwhelming and when we stood back and saw what we’d achieved with just cardboard and parcel tape, we were all really proud."
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