Ex-student donates materials to College

An ex-student of GB MET, who was inspired to go on to university before embarking on a career in the telecommunications industry, has generously donated tools and materials to the College in appreciation of the valuable lessons that he was taught.

Keith Jago attended GB MET in 1967, when it was called Brighton Technical College, to study telecommunications as part of an apprenticeship with the Post Office. A tutor at the College was instrumental in inspiring Mr Jago to achieve more than he could have imagined. 

Mr Jago said, “One lecturer, Gavin, inspired me enough to consider university as my next educational step - he taught me a valuable lesson for life when he said that if something is worth doing at all, then do it to the very best of your ability”.

Mr Jago went on to complete his BSc at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, before going on to gain an MSc from Loughborough University. He then enjoyed a varied career with top telecommunications companies, BT and Ericsson.

He said, “All of my academic success stemmed from that one very special teacher. Brighton Technical College changed my life so positively, so I am delighted to donate to GB MET, in the hope that these donations might just encourage current students of the importance of doing their best and maybe persuade them to consider degree studies. It worked for me - it can work for you too.”

Tony Manktelow, Curriculum Manager for Carpentry, Joinery and Construction said, “We are very grateful to Mr Jago for the donation of tools and materials, which will be used both in undertaking core activities and in extension tasks, enabling our students to further their skills.

Moreover, it is testament to how completing a course at GB MET can help people to progress in their careers throughout life, as it gives a firm basis of knowledge, skills and confidence, from which they can draw on for years to come.”

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