A letter from Sussex Police Chief Constable for parents and carers.

A letter from Sussex Police has been sent out to all school leaders this week. The letter outlines the effects lockdown restrictions are having on young people, including more screen time, less exercise and fewer opportunities to see friends. The letter acknowledges challenges facing parents and carers, many of whom are juggling homeschooling, work and "all the other challenges of modern life". Despite these challenges, Sussex Police believe there is "light at the end of the tunnel with the rollout of vaccinations, but lives are still being put at risk by those who are breaching restrictions."

Sussex Police are seeing persistent "hot spots" where young people continue to gather during the lockdown. Jo Shiner (Sussex Police Chief Constable) encourages parents and carers to question "Do you know where your son or daughter spends their time?"

Sussex Police are continuing to patrol these "hot spots" encouraging anybody in breach of regulations to adhere to the rules. However, where this approach is not successful, and blatant rule-breaking occurs, enforcement action will be taken against the young person's parent or carer. This could result in a £200 fine.

Included in the letter are useful resources concerning children and young people to support families during COVID-19. 

To read the full letter and access the resources, please click here

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