Uniformed Services student sets sail for the Navy

A Uniformed Services student has completed his first phase of training at HMS Raleigh and is now embarking on phase two, which includes six months training at HMS Collingwood in Portsmouth.

Luke completed his Level 3 Uniformed Services course at the MET in 2020, and is now aiming for a career as an electronic warfare specialist. In joining the Navy, he is also following in his great grandad’s footsteps. 

Luke said, “One-to-one daily contact with GB MET staff who have had successful careers in uniformed services, helped make it clear to me, what I wanted to do.”

The physical skills that Luke has learnt on his course have proved to be invaluable preparation for his Navy training.

“During the Navy training you undertake military fitness sessions twice weekly - and they are gruelling; they are all about self-control and self-discipline. The experience of these sessions at college helps you with this – you build a kind of ‘muscle memory.”

Small daily activities undertaken during his course, such as wearing a uniform and ensuring that his boots were polished, also made a real difference for Luke.

“It was obvious that other recruits had never touched an iron, never polished a shoe. They had no experience of speaking to someone of a higher rank; had never saluted before. The course gave me a great base foundation and the confidence to succeed.”

Alongside the specific skills taught on the course, Luke has found that the transferable skills he has learnt, such as presenting to people, has really helped to build his confidence.  

“At times my experiences also benefited the rest of the class; on several occasions I had done similar training exercises before, so I could tell my colleagues what was coming wasn’t as bad as it sounded! This meant I could use the skills I learnt at college to support my colleagues.”

Unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions, Luke wasn’t able to enjoy a passing-out parade in front of his family, but he is looking forward to the new challenges of the second phase of his training at HMS Collingwood.


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