Formerly City College Brighton and Hove and Northbrook College

Leisure and hobby courses at Northbrook MET

We offer a range of leisure and hobby courses for adults at our campuses in Shoreham and Worthing

Find the perfect course for you

Whether you are looking to develop a new hobby or improve your skills, or just have some fun meeting new people Northbrook MET has a course that’s right for you.

The wide variety of courses on offer are scheduled in order to accommodate busy lives, with part-time and evening options available. Courses are based at our Shoreham Airport, West Durrington and Broadwater campuses with great facilities, highly experienced teaching staff and a friendly community atmosphere, Northbrook MET provides an ideal environment for 'lifelong learning'. We look forward to helping you to attain your learning goals and achieve your potential.

Are you are interested in any of the part-time leisure and hobby courses at our Broadwater or West Durrington Campuses? We are running an open event at West Durrington Campus on the 4 September 2019, 5-7pm. This is your chance to get any more information, speak to a tutor, or enrol in person.