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What is E-Learning?

E-Learning is the terminology which is used to describe the way in which education is delivered using technology. It stands for “Electronic Learning”.

There are many advantages of E-Learning. Here are a few:

  • Cost effective - Minimises human, travel and classroom costs
  • Flexible - Studying can be considered as "on demand". You are in control of where and when you want to learn
  • Up to date - All training material can be kept up to date and all students would automatically learn from the latest content
  • Evidence - Progress tracking, completion reports and downloadable certificates ensure that everything learnt is validated
  • Consistent - It provides a consistent message, therefore eliminating problems with different instructors teaching different material in different styles
  • Environmentally friendly - You don't need to travel and it doesn’t consume vast amounts of paper correspondence
What is E-Learning?

Online learning – "Powered by e-Careers"

We have a partnership with e-Careers, which gives our students the opportunity to get access to training and qualifications through E-Learning.

Using the e-Careers infrastructure, technology and market leading content we are now able to combine this with our experience to bring our students exciting opportunities to up-skill.

What is e-Careers?

The institution consists of around 200 individuals, who all specialise in their own aspects of combining education with technology.

e-Careers has established relationships with many awarding bodies, instructors and educational institutions to bring its students training and qualifications in an E-Learning format.

How to apply

Found a course you like? Applying is easy!

When you find the course you want to study, click on ‘buy now’ and you will be taken through to the e-Careers secure online payment system.

How to apply

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