National Apprenticeship Week 2021

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We offer a variety of apprenticeships for school leavers (16-18) and adults 19+ who are looking to start a career, retrain or up-skill in their existing role. Intermediate, advanced and higher apprenticeships are available allowing you to study for a qualification and earn money through practical on-the-job training.

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Find the right apprenticeship for you

Apprenticeship myths

Apprenticeships are only in manual labour jobs
  • Answer: This is not the case. In fact, we offer apprenticeships across a variety of industries including customer services, IT, digital marketing, human resources and accountancy.
Apprenticeships are only for school leavers
  • Answer: You can complete an apprenticeship at any age. As long as you’re over the age of 16, there is no upper-age limit. This means that if you’ve decided to change careers, an apprenticeship could be an excellent option as you still get a wage while you retrain in your new industry.
Apprenticeships do not lead to higher level training
  • Answer: Did you know that apprenticeship training goes right up to degree-level? At the MET we offer a number of higher level apprenticeships for employees looking for career development and progression.
Apprenticeships are not highly recognised by employers
  • Answer: Did you know that an apprentice can add more than £10,000 in value for their employer every year? They’re a fantastic alternative for talented individuals who may be put off by the cost of university. Employers hire apprentices to fill skills gaps and to bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm to their organisation.

Support for employers

Are you looking for new talent to expand your workforce? Hiring an apprentice is a great option for filling any skills gaps in your business.

At GB MET, we can support you to find an apprentice that's the right fit for your organisation.

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