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Brighton MET host GCSE English Writing Competition

Brighton MET's GCSE English department held their annual creative writing competition, with the aim was to encourage students to consolidate their learning and engage in an opportunity to write freely wherever they felt suited them.

Students had two options and were allowed to submit a piece on one of both (so, two max): 

  • a piece of descriptive writing with the prompt of a parcel travelling around somewhere, maybe being delivered or sitting waiting to be opened
  • a narrative piece with the prompt of Robyn, a postal worker, working at the most chaotic time of the year

They were also given more instructions such as word count/ length, a reminder to plan and how to enter. 

The two winners were Aziliz Brelivet and an anonymous learner, for publication purposes. Anon and Aziliz both received a certificate and a £20 Amazon voucher for their work.

Aziliz won for her descriptive piece of writing. The department were particularly impressed by her use of descriptive language, vocabulary and the immersive journey it took us on with her use of the five senses.

Anonymous won for their story / narrative piece. We particularly enjoyed the high-level use of vocabulary, control of grammar and punctuation, as well as their use of effective structural features, such as building suspense and withholding then revealing information.


You can read Asiliz's descriptive writing here.

You can read Anonymous' narrative piece here.

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