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Case study: Lizzie - Level 3 Professional Cookery


Lizzie completed her Level 3 Professional Cookery course in 2015, and after going on to further training with the Exclusive Hotels Chefs’ Academy, is now a junior sous chef at The Manor House, Wiltshire. Here she shared her experience of studying at the MET and training at the academy.

Why did you apply for the catering course at the MET?

I always loved cooking, and I wanted to get a job as a chef. I thought that going to college would help me gain the skills and knowledge for a career in a professional kitchen. The MET offered a great opportunity to be able to learn all parts of the kitchen, from prepping meat and fish, to doing pastry and bakery products. The main reason for me choosing the MET was the opportunity to do a service using the College restaurant, as it helped to give me an insight into a normal kitchen.

How did the course help you to progress on to the Chefs’ Academy?

The course helped me by giving me the skills and confidence to apply to the academy.

Has the experience of the Chefs’ Academy been rewarding? What are/were the highlights to date?

The academy has been greatly rewarding. Having the opportunity to go on trips throughout the years at the academy, to see farms and suppliers and how they look after the animals/produce we get to the restaurant to prepare, was very informative and interesting.  

What are you doing now?

I am still with the Exclusive Hotels group, working at The Manor House. I have worked my way up, and recently been promoted to junior sous chef.

What are your plans for the future?

I am still loving working at The Manor House, and my plans are to continue working here, working my way up and learning new things.

What advice would you give to anyone considering studying hospitality & catering at the MET?

My advice for anyone considering doing hospitality & catering is to go for it! If you love cooking and can see yourself having a career going forward then this gives you a little taster into the industry. 

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