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GCSE English Competition - Narrative Writing Winner - Anonymous

Christmas is around the corner and many people are excited, many are sending out postcards and many are doing their shopping to get ready for the day of giving. The post office is very busy and people are rushing and pushing each other over, some are even getting injured because of the amount of chaos that is happening. One guy called Robyn works at the post office but there’s a twist… He’s actually a spy undercover working at the post office. A long time ago he was hired by an agency filled with spies, he’s one of their best so the agency sent him to work at a post office to receive information all around England but mostly London and Brighton. They’re also receiving information from small villages but it’s hard to keep up so the other spies are there undercover instead. Robyn works at a London post office and his co-workers are completely oblivious to him being a spy. 

Robyn has been feeling stressed and anxious because as it’s busy he’s afraid that he’ll be caught out by his co-workers. But he’s keeping his cool by doing breathing exercises and it seems to be working. The co-workers are happy that Robyn is so good at his job but yet no signs of him being a spy seem to emerge to the surface. A day later and it got even busier, even the police had to get involved because there was approximately a thousand queuing in line to post their mail. It’s a shame however, they wait a long time just for the mail to get sent to a spying agency to receive information. Anyways, Robyn is still calm, cool and collected and his co-workers are impressed but some get jealous. They are jealous of his confidence and some say it’s arrogance but Robyn just shrugs it off and doesn’t care what people think of him; he knows they’re just jealous. Everything is going smoothly, then… 

He took out a note containing the information on the locations certain letters should be sent to. He’d gather them all except one and then realise, it’s missing. He keeps his cool though and starts searching through all the other letters piles. He can’t draw attention,  since his co-workers would ask why the letter was so important which would bring suspicion on him. However, one of the co-workers spotted him. He asked what he was doing but Robyn calmly and smoothly talked his way out of it by saying the letter was one of his family members so he wanted to make sure it was sent safely. The co-worker nodded and then walked away. Robyn is out of the clear, for now. Even though he can’t find the letter. Robyn is worried that someone might have taken it. He doesn’t know what to do and he doesn’t know where to find it. The letter is very important since the note which has the information says that this one letter is a letter that is from the prime minister. He gave up on finding the letter and just as he thought he was done for, a guy ran in giving him personally a letter. It was a rookie agent who forgot to deliver the letter in the first place. Robyn sighed and was so relieved that he finally had all of the letters and was ready to send them out to the locations. Robyn continues his work as an undercover spy at the post office and saves the world at the same time.

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