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Guest blog - Jasmine, CIPD Level 3 | From EasyJet to Envitia via GB MET


COVID-19 has been the dark cloud hanging over everyone’s head for the last year. For me, however, it has given me a new opportunity and the chance to change my career.

I had worked for EasyJet for over seven years flying around Europe, and while I loved every minute of it, I knew it just wasn’t going to be my forever job. I knew that I wanted more structure and a more progressive career path in a small, close-knit working environment. 

It was something that I would often think and talk to my partner about, but that being said, I would never act on it as comfort and routine always outweighed that wondering feeling. However when COVID-19 struck, the aviation industry was hit, and I was offered voluntary redundancy. I saw this as a sign to put my thoughts into action and take a risk. At first this didn’t pay off as the job market was bleak, and my worries were ever-growing that I had made the wrong choice.

I started to research career paths I could take with my transferable skills, and everything seemed to be pointing in the HR direction. It was interesting, new, and suited me well, and I enrolled on the Level 3 CIPD course at GB MET. I was nervous, as being older I thought I would be in amongst young school leavers and be out of place; however, this wasn't the case and when I joined my course there were people of all ages and experiences.

I loved having the flexibility to study alongside working, and although some of the course was online due to COVID, it didn’t affect the delivery of the lessons - our tutor Dawn was always on hand to support us.

Choosing the Level 3 was definitely the best choice for me as a beginner in HR. I really feel that you are taught right from the very basics up to more advanced topics and the structure of the assignments is manageable and well-ordered.

However, finding a job in the industry was proving more difficult in a competitive job market with no industry experience. I decided to put out a post on LinkedIn which was seen by the recruitment manager at Envitia. They offered me the chance to come in as a recruitment assistant, a new position in the company.. It was fantastic to be given the chance to work within the HR department, not only to help with my studies, but also to gain valuable industry experience.

Working for an SME, rather than a large corporate company, has allowed me to get involved in many different activities outside of the HR remit, such as helping the sales team with lead generation, while also organising interviews and contacting potential candidates.

Without studying the course at GB MET, I wouldn't have been offered the position I am in now. Studying has really helped me to pursue my HR career.


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