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Freedom of information

Freedom of information


This Publication Scheme expresses the commitment of the Board of Governors of Greater Brighton Metropolitan College (GB MET) to meeting its statutory duties under the Freedom of Information Act and the policy standards of openness and accountability expressed within its Policy Statement on Information Governance.

General Principles

  • The table below indicates where documents may be obtained, eg:
  • on the College website
  • published by others" - OFSTED, Skills Funding Agency, etc.
  • via a link from on the Scheme of Publication
  • in paper or electronic copy, through application to GB MET

However, there are documents which are not available on the website because they:

  • are constantly being updated,
  • are very large,
  • are of minority interest
  • contain some exempt information and will need to be individually amended in order not to compromise the reader,
  • will remain on paper only.

Obtaining Information

  • Information which is on the website where the copyright does not rest with another organisation is free to read and print.
  • Information which is held electronically but is not on the website can normally be supplied by email and there is usually no charge (unless shown otherwise, or unless you request part, amended or multiple documents).
  • The College reserves the right to charges for information if the cost of determining, locating, retrieving and extracting it is expected to exceed appropriate limits as defined by the Information Commissioner. Staff time will be charged at £25 per hour and other disbursements will be charged at cost.,
  • Information which is not available on the internet or freely available in the College Receptions or from other public buildings in the city, can be obtained by written application to the relevant department, or the Governance Adviser, Greater Brighton Metropolitan College, Pelham Street, Brighton BN1 4FA.

Applications for documents for which there is a charge should be accompanied by the correct fee in sterling for each document in the form of a cheque drawn on a UK-based bank, or as postal order, crossed and payable to Greater Brighton Metropolitan College.

Provision of Information

  • If you receive no response within 20 working days you should query this in case your application has not been received.
  • The reply will serve as your receipt unless you specify otherwise.
  • If the College experiences genuine difficulties in locating or reproducing your document, or in the case of force majeure (fire, flood, major IT failure etc) the College will contact you to explain the delay / non availability.
  • It will also contact you if it finds that the information you request is exempt or can only be released to you upon proof that you are the entitled recipient.
  • In all instances the GB MET will take reasonable steps to meet your request for information in the spirit of the Act.

Further assistance

If GB MET is not able to help you, or you would like further information about the information which you may obtain, contact:

The Information Commissioner
Wycliffe House
Water Lane

Who we are and what we do

Legal framework of the College and its subsidiaries

GB MET Board of Governors: Instrument and Articles of Government 2017 - Click here to visit our Governor policies page.

How the College is organised

Governance arrangements - Click here to visit our Governor pages.

Organisational structure chart - On request from 

Meetings and communication structure chart - On request from

Lists and information relating to organisations that the College works in partnership with

See websites of individual organisations:

  • Skills Funding Agency
  • Education Funding Agency
  • Association of Colleges / AoSEC
  • FESussex
  • GFE South 

Location and contact details -
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Student activities

Learner Involvement Strategy - Click here to download the strategy.

Student Council minutes -  On request from

What we spend and how we spend it

Funding / Income

Sources of funding and income, such as funding grants, tuition fees, endowment, rents, investment income and income generating schemes - On request from

Budgetary and account information / expenditure

Annual statements of accounts - City College Brighton and Hove:








Details of items of expenditure over £15,000 - On request from

Financial audit reports

Annual report of the Audit Committee to the Board of Governors - Download the 2014-2015 report here.

Capital Programme

Information on major plans for capital expenditure - On request from

Financial regulations and procedures

Financial Regulations, including:

  • Fraud Response Plan
  • Anti-Bribery Policy

On request from

Pay policy

The College pays salaries according to Association of Colleges (AoC) recommendations.

Staff pay and grading structures

Salaries for senior staff which, for the purposes of this document, means staff on the Senior Leadership Team whose basic actual salary is at least £60,000 per annum - On request from

Staff allowances and expenses

Details of allowances and expenses that can be incurred or claimed - On request from

Total of allowances and expenses paid to individual senior staff (as defined above) - On request from

Governors' allowances

Details of allowances or expenses that can be claimed or incurred and a record of total payments made to individual governors - On request from

Register of suppliers

Register of suppliers - On request from

Procurement and tender procedures and reports

Procurement procedures - On request from

Procurement and tender reports - On request from

What are our priorities and how are we doing?

Strategies and plans

Strategic plan 2017-2022 - Download here.

Teaching and Learning Strategies and Procedures - Request from

Public Values Statement - Download here.


Internal self assessment:

Annual self assessment report - On request from

Annual higher education self assessment - On request from

Student satisfaction survey results - On request from

External assessment:

Ofsted 2011 - Click here.

IQER - On request from

Corporate relations

Information relating to the College’s links with employers and sponsors - Download the Stakeholder Engagement Policy.

Government and regulatory reports

Eg. Accreditation and monitoring reports by professional, statutory or regulatory bodies and information than an institution is legally obliged to make available to funding and/or monitoring bodies - Request from

How we make decisions

Governing body

Minutes from our Board of Governors meetings

GB MET - Click here.

City College Brighton and Hove - Click here.

Minutes from our Audit Committee meetings

GB MET - Click here.

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Other Board level meetings - On request from

Internal meetings

Senior Leadership Team

Senior Management Team

Curriculum and Quality Team

Health and Safety Committee

Higher Education Board

Staff Forum

Student Council

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Policies and procedures

Please visit our policies page here. Any other policies can be requested from

Lists and registers

Any information the college is currently legally required to hold in publicity available registers

Register of Interests of Board Members

Register of Interests of Senior Staff and Budget Holders 

Register of gifts and hospitality provided to Board members and senior staff

On request from

Asset registers

The location of public land and building assets.

Key information from capital asset registers

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Details of the locations of any overt CCTV surveillance cameras operated by or on behalf of the College - On request from

Disclosure logs

Disclosure logs of information provided in response to disclosure requests - On request from

Subcontractor supply chain - fees and charges

The College's subcontractor supply chain - Download here.

The services we offer

Information about the services that we offer, including prospectuses, leaflets, guidance and newsletters is available from this website, by emailing, or dropping into our Student Centre at Pelham Street, Brighton BN1 4FA.

Contact details

Jenny Brooker

FOI Officer  

Greater Brighton Metropolitan College
West Durrington Campus
Littlehampton Road
West Sussex
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