Formerly City College Brighton and Hove and Northbrook College

Brighton Learning Resource Centre

Central Brighton and East Brighton campuses

Our resources

The main Learning Resource Centre (LRC) for students attending our Brighton campuses is located at our Central Brighton Campus on the second floor although there is also a smaller LRC at our East Brighton Campus. These centres provide you with a wide array of material and information that is relevant to your course.

We have over 40,000 books and 3,000 ebooks, more than 300 current periodicals, over 2,000 DVDs and an extensive collection of music CDs. In addition, we have over 3,000 videos (mostly television programmes) which are available as streamed media via our TV site.

Opening hours

During term time, the LRC at Central Campus is open:

  • Monday and Tuesday 8.45am to 6pm
  • Wednesday and Thursday 8.45am to 8pm
  • Friday 8.45am to 5pm

Easter Holidays

  • Tuesday 3 to Thursday 5 April 9am to 5pm
  • Monday 9 to 13 April 9am to 5pm

Our Central Campus LRC has over 80 workstations with internet access and Wi-Fi is available for laptop users.

The workstations have access to online resources, as well as a suite of software packages such as Microsoft Office. Adobe Photoshop is available on several machines. There are also five multi-functional devices which you can use to print either in black and white or colour, photocopy or scan. 

We also have video, DVD and audio playback facilities in the LRC, as well as a TV service which makes recorded TV programmes available to watch both at home and at the College. Speak to the staff in the LRC for more information.

Study environment

The LRC is zoned into different areas to suit all different study styles. The zones are:

  • Group Work
  • Pair Work
  • Quiet Study
  • Silent Study

We also have a Group Room which you can book for an hour at a time for dedicated group work. 

Study environment

Online resources

We have lots of online resources which are available via the LRC portal. You can access ebooks, subscription websites, online journals, magazine databases and other online resources from inside College and also at home. Speak to the LRC staff if you need any help accessing these resources.

You will also have access to Moodle, the College’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).


Once you have enrolled at the MET you will be given an ID card which will activate once your course starts. You will need to wear this at all times whilst you are on College premises and use it when you want to borrow anything from the LRC.

You can have up to six items on loan at any one time, and most items are available for three weeks. All DVDs and CDs are only available for one week at a time.

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