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Formerly City College Brighton and Hove and Northbrook College

Student Voice

Your feedback and ideas help us to improve what we do.

Be safe, be heard

We want to hear about your experiences whilst at college; both inside and outside the classroom. This may include topics such as access to sports, trips, bullying and the college environment. 

Get involved Become a Course Rep

We elect two representatives for each course. Collectively, they are known as the Student Council.

The Student Council meets at least once a term to discuss issues that are important to you and your peers. You will also attend curriculum feedback sessions which take place twice a year. This is your chance to talk about your course, the teaching and resources, and what you would like to change or develop.

You will be given tutorial time before each meeting to talk to the rest of your course group.

You can Make a difference

Your views are important. We want to hear what you think so we can improve the college experience for everyone.

By becoming a Course Rep you will be a spokesperson for your peers and have the power to influence the College's education and training provision.

You will be given training to help you be an effective representative, covering topics such as presentation techniques and how to hold and take part in meetings. And with the experience of public speaking, report writing and learning how the College is run, you will have a lot to add to your CV.

What do Course Reps do?

Gather student views

During tutorial sessions or you can use feedback slips, email or web forums

Represent students

The opinions you present should reflect all of those in your course group, not just your own. You will be given training on how to do this.

Act on students' views

Once you know your peers' views, you will need to be able to express them in order to improve the student experience.

Act as a source of information

Although we make great efforts to tell everyone at the start of their course how the College works, inevitably they will forget some of it. You will act as a point of contact, signposting other students to where they can access further information and support. We will provide you with a reference copy of the Student Handbook which details lots of useful contacts.

You will also inform your peers of activities and events that the Student Council has agreed on, and promote the College's Enrichment Programme, and encourage them to take part.

Attend meetings on behalf of the students you represent

  • Student Council
    Collectively, all Student Reps are known as the Student Council. At these meetings you will discuss College policies that directly affect students and raise concerns on behalf of your group. You will also agree which enrichment activities and events should be arranged for the following term.
  • Student Committee
    Following the first Council meeting, you will be invited to join the Student Committee. This is a smaller group that actions the matters raised in between the Council meetings. This group meets every 1-2 weeks depending on need, and has 5-10 students involved. Our College Principal Sharon Collett attends these meetings bi-monthly - a great opportunity to ensure your views are heard by the College's senior leadership.
  • Curriculum Feedback Sessions
    You will attend at least two meetings over the academic year with your Curriculum Manager. This is a formal opportunity to discuss your course.