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Accomodation for university level students

Information on finding student accomodation in Brighton and Worthing

Accommodation in Worthing
Students at the West Durrington and Shoreham Airport Campuses can use our list of self-catering student house shares located in and around Worthing town centre. The houses are owned and managed by private landlords who have signed our Student Accommodation Code. Most of the houses can accommodate groups of four to six students. The West Durrington campus is only a five-minute train ride from Worthing town centre - or less than half an hour by bike. For more information see

Accommodation in Brighton
Brighton has a thriving student population and a large number of private sector student houses. There are four private halls of residence available to students from any university:

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Students can also access the services of independent accommodation adviser, Jackie Phillips, who can help you find a place in a shared house in Brighton: contact

Housemate Finder
You can get in touch with other students who are looking for accommodation with our Housemate Finder Facebook group. Once you have accepted the offer of a place to study at the MET, you will be sent instructions for joining the group.

Homestay and international accommodation
Living in the home of a local host is particularly popular with international students. This type of accommodation can be arranged and rented through the College and properties on our list are regularly inspected by a member of our staff. We can also offer a single room in an international student house in Brighton, subject to availability.