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Case study - Hayden Stokes: Paxton Access Ltd

Hayden Stokes (our first CIPD Level 5 apprentice) was a team leader in the support department at Paxton Access Ltd who changed roles to move into HR. He studied the MET's CIPD Level 5 HR Consultant course and shares his experience with us here:

"I had just moved roles from being a team leader in Paxton's support call centre, to HR advisor within the same company. I had learnt a fair amount about the processes from my previous role and was looking to learn the best processes and practices to apply from my new HR perspective. I applied for this apprenticeship course at the MET to improve my skillset and understand the main theories relevant to an HR advisor. Being new to the HR function, I also wanted to gain confidence within my new role.

The course has helped greatly in terms of my transition from the support team to HR, and general career progression. Working in the role alongside studying the course gave me scope of what was required of me to help achieve the tasks in front of me at work. It also allowed me to make sure that I had properly prepared for the cases and had put in the ‘groundwork’ in order to get the best outcome. Over time this helped me gain confidence and take on more challenges, which increased my profile within the team and the organisation.

My tutor at the MET, Sam Smith, was fantastic during this whole process. She was always well prepared and gave expert support to help with the assignments, focusing a lot on what was being asked and making sure we had exposure to good examples to help put the theory into context. Communication and support was always available if needed, and when planning classes and meetings consideration was always offered to make sure it was convenient and not affecting work."

We asked Hayden how Paxton had adapted his role to assist his progression with the apprenticeship. He said:

"My employers were incredibly supportive throughout, making sure that I was given time away from the office in order to achieve the assignments. Regularly, we would also meet to discuss the pressure of studying and working to make sure adjustments could be made to help support this. Furthermore, they supported with the required textbooks and offered their help and expertise when needed.

Has the apprenticeship been rewarding?

"When you are able to use what you have learnt and apply it to your work it is very rewarding. It is instant recognition that the course is adding value to your career. The sense of achievement I felt after each assignment was also rewarding, and passing the course gave me great pride."

Hayden found the Level 5 course very beneficial to his career and is now interested in progressing to a higher level of study as he grows into his role at Paxton. We asked him if he had any advice for others considering an HR apprenticeship at the MET.

"It seems very daunting at the beginning - the idea of studying whilst working in a very busy area of the business, however the content you learn and skills that are acquired compliment the role greatly and will help with your development. I would also add that I felt a bit overwhelmed to start with, but this went away quickly as I got into my stride and found a process to help get assignments done and make sure I balanced my work with studying. Overall I would thoroughly recommend the course to anyone." 

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