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Mature student case study: Norman - BA (Hons) Music Production

Norman shares his experience studying a music degree at Greater Brighton Metropolitan College.

What made you decide to study a degree at the MET as a mature student?

The facilities and support staff, lecturers and tech room crew are second to none and very well thought and spoken of in the local music community.

This plus the way I was made to feel at home throughout every step of the application process were the main reasons.

What were you doing before you joined GB MET?

Slowly wasting away in the corporate world as a global insurance broker in the City of London...

What’s the mature student community like at the MET?

A small but quite close-knit community.

How has the course helped your future career progression?

With all the challenges of COVID-19, it is quite difficult to really build upon a music based career. My time at Northbrook College has given me the confidence to think outside the box and consider my future options with more assurance.

How has Greater Brighton Metropolitan College supported your development?

From all aspects of learning and personal development to the staff being contactable via e-mail at all times, I have felt very highly supported.

What are your course highlights?

Numerous highlights, most memorable have been the opportunities to grow and learn with the younger students and how supportive and friendly they have all been. The access to the hardware and the support and knowledge of the lecturers and teaching support staff.

What are your plans for the future?

Ideally I will be setting up a community radio station and continuing with my club DJ work and working upon my own music with an aim to releasing.

What advice would you give to a mature student studying at the MET?

It is always daunting making a life change, especially when you are getting older but I have never been happier than during my time at Northbrook College and if anything I wish I had made the leap earlier.

Don't let fear stand in your way, the GB MET team will help you get where you want to be in life.

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