FAQs for current students | March 2021

Frequently asked questions

The Government has announced that colleges can resume face-to-face teaching. Please read the frequently asked questions below for guidance.

Please check back regularly as any updates will be posted here. Should your question not be answered within the following FAQs, please email marketing@gbmc.ac.uk

  • When will face-to-face teaching resume?

    Face-to-face teaching for the vast majority of courses will resume from Monday 15 March.

    In line with government advice, we will be prioritising our courses for 16-19-year-olds, apprentices and university-level students. These students will receive a mix of face-to-face and live online delivery from Monday 15 March.

    For some students, including the vast majority of our part-time adult provision, face-to-face teaching will not resume until after Easter.

    Your curriculum team will be in touch with you to provide further detail relevant to your particular course.

  • What are the arrangements for COVID-19 testing for students coming back on campus?

    The following information is only relevant to those students returning to face-to-face teaching from Monday 15 March.

    Rapid testing is carried out using lateral flow devices (LFD). These are self-administered but carried out on our sites. 

    Testing on site will commence from Monday 8 March. Your curriculum team will be in touch with you to share the arrangements for testing. This will include the location, dates and times for you to attend, as well as further information about the test itself. 

    Please complete this consent form at least 48 hours prior to your arrival of your first appointment and please ensure you arrive on time (not early and not late). Further information about the testing can be found here. The consent form must be completed in order to have the on-site tests.

    You will be expected to take two tests during the week of 8 March. A third test will take place during the week commencing Monday 15 March within your normal class time.

    After completing three on-site tests, you will be provided with tests to administer at home twice weekly. Results will still be centrally recorded. Guidance about this will be provided nearer the time.

    While testing is taking place on-site during the week of 8 March, remote teaching and learning will continue as normal.

  • Do I need to wear a face covering when I return to college?

    Face coverings MUST be worn everywhere in the college. 

    This rule has been extended to include classrooms and workshops, and disciplinary action will be taken if this is not adhered to.

    The only exceptions are:

    • For those staff and students that are medically exempt, as per the government’s guidelines.
    • For teachers where the wearing of a face covering would adversely impact on their teaching.
  • Why has the College made the wearing of face coverings mandatory?

    It is a legal requirement that the College carries out risk assessments and puts in place any control measures that reduce the risk of injury or ill health to our students and staff. After assessing the risk of COVID-19 transmission, and taking into account government guidance, the College has made the wearing of face coverings whilst on-site a mandatory requirement as part of our measures to reduce the risk of transmission. A risk assessment is a legal document and all staff and students have a legal and civil duty to comply with the control measures identified. Failure to comply with a risk assessment would be in breach of health and safety legislation which is why we have stated disciplinary action will be taken.

  • I am nervous about returning to college - what safety measures will be in place?

    We appreciate whilst many of you will be keen to get back to on-site learning, some of you will be feeling anxious and concerned about your safety. As a reminder, these are the safety measures we have in place:

    • extending the wearing of face coverings to classrooms and workshops
    • maintaining social distancing
    • ensuring adequate ventilation
    • provision of hand sanitiser throughout our buildings
    • increased cleaning of frequently touched surfaces
    • tracing close contacts of confirmed cases and issuing self-isolation notices
  • What does 'blended learning' mean?

    Blended learning is a mixture of the following approaches. Your tutors will provide you with information and advance notice if and when the format of your lesson is changing. If you are unsure about what to expect, please speak to your tutor - they will be more than happy to help.

    Blended learning approaches:

    Independent learning: You will be given a task/assignment to do by yourself. This may or may not have a digital element. You will be asked to provide some kind of evidence to show you have done it (this might be video, photo, completing a quiz, creating a presentation, submitting something on classroom, etc). A tutor is not present for this session.

    Flipped learning: You will be asked to do something in preparation for a future lesson to introduce a concept we will be working on. You might be asked to watch a recorded presentation by the tutor, watch a video, or listen to a podcast, read a webpage, etc. When you come to the lesson we will be able to spend more time embedding the learning, so you can ask questions, clarify points you aren’t sure of and engage in activities to reinforce the concept. The benefit to this is that you are able to absorb the initial concept at your own pace – e.g. revisit the video/audio/webpage. A tutor may or may not be present depending on whether the flipped learning is taking place during class or independently.

    Remote/virtual learning: We will run the class via virtual conference (Google Meets) – it will happen at the same timetabled slot and everyone is expected to be present.

    Classroom based learning: Traditional timetabled lessons in the classroom where you are expected to turn up in person. During the national lockdown, there will be no classroom based learning until further notice. 

  • My course is not resuming face-to-face teaching - will I be allowed on campus?

    Unfortunately not. If your course is not resuming face-to-face teaching, you will not permitted to be on campus unless prior arrangement has been made with your tutor.

  • Am I allowed to be on campus during lockdown?

    During the national lockdown, we will be offering a limited onsite service for vulnerable students and children of key workers at our Central Brighton and Broadwater Campuses. If this applies to you, you will have been contacted with the arrangements.

    If you have not been contacted, you are not permitted to enter any of our campuses while we remain in lockdown.

  • Am I allowed to come into college to collect any work that I have left there during lockdown?

    Unfortunately not. Following the government’s instruction to close all school and college buildings, only vulnerable students and children of key workers who have been specifically invited to attend college may enter any of our premises at this time.

  • How will work be set and how do I receive support?

    Teachers will set work for you as per your existing timetable. They will be available at the start of each session for any queries. See the question about what support is available for further detail.

  • When will my teacher be able to answer queries and give feedback on my work?

    Your teacher will let you know when they will respond to queries and when you can expect feedback on work.

  • Will English and maths still be part of my timetable?

    Yes, you will still be expected to study these subjects as per your previous timetable. English and maths tutors will be available as per your usual timetable to assist with any queries.

  • What happens if I don’t have access to a PC or the internet at home?

    Let your teacher know as soon as possible so they can provide additional support and guidance.

  • I have library books that need to be returned - will I receive a fine?

    No. We will waive any fines during this period of closure. Please return the books as soon as you can once the buildings reopen.

  • Can I still access library resources?

    Yes. We have lots of resources available to you on the Student Landing Page. You can access this via the link at the bottom of the college website, gbmc.ac.uk

  • Will there be any IT support available if I have any issues working remotely?

    Support will continue to be available via itservices@gbmc.ac.uk. The Student Landing Page also has additional resources to support you.

  • I usually receive learning support during classes. Can I access any additional help when working remotely?

    Where possible, your teacher and/or your LSA will be able to support you online. If you need additional support, please let your teacher know.

  • Can I still contact a Pastoral Mentor if I need to?

    The Pastoral Mentor teams will continue to be available to provide support and advice to students who need it. 

    As your usual Pastoral Mentor may not be available, if you need to contact the team, please email mentor@gbmc.ac.uk. A Pastoral Mentor will be in touch by email, text or phone.

  • What do I do if I am worried about my safety or the safety of another student?

    You can contact the Safeguarding Team at safeguarding@gbmc.ac.uk

    If you need to speak to a member of the Safeguarding Team urgently, the contact numbers are: 

    Safeguarding Team Contacts

    Contact Number

    Fenella Potterton

    Head of Additional Learning Support

    07739 615265

    Simon Vincent

    Safeguarding Manager

    07980 973224

    Alex Bellamy

    Pastoral & Enrichment Manager

    07841 066846

    Please note: the above numbers are only manned during Monday to Friday.

  • What other sources of support are there?

    All of our usual support services are still available.

    IT support | itservices@gbmc.ac.uk

    Additional Learning Support | als@gbmc.ac.uk

    Pastoral Mentors | mentor@gbmc.ac.uk

    Safeguarding | safeguarding@gbmc.ac.uk

    Careers | careers@gbmc.ac.uk

    Student finance | student.support@gbmc.ac.uk

    There are also lots of organisations that you can access support from when you need to. Click here for a list of support organisations. The mentor team can refer you to these services. 

  • Will I still be able to book an appointment with the Careers team?

    Careers one-to-one appointments will now take place remotely. The Careers team will be contacting all 16-18 learners (by phone) over the next few weeks for a short careers review.

    It is likely that many Careers events will remain virtual this year, so it is important that you check your college email for communication from the careers team regularly. 

    If you would like to receive some careers support, please email the team at: Careers@gbmc.ac.uk.  A Careers Adviser will then get in touch with you to provide advice or to arrange a telephone support slot.

    Visit our dedicated Careers site for further information.

  • Where can I access more guidance about Careers?

    We understand that thinking about your future career can be daunting. To help you we have complied some helpful links below to cover a wide range of career resources:

    • National Careers Service: Explore careers, CV and interview tools. 
    • Prospects: Graduate jobs, postgraduate study and advice about work experience.
    • icloud: Real life career videos and advice. 
    • UCAS: Search for university and degree courses.
    • WhatUni: Find out more about which university is right for you. 
    • Apprenticeships: Find out what apprenticeships are available. 
    • Indeed and Reed: Find out what jobs are available in your local area.
    • Do-It and Charity Job: Find out about opportunities to volunteer. 
    • Gap360 and Gap Year: Help you plan your gap year.

    If you need any further guidance you can visit our dedicated Careers site or book a virtual careers appointment by contacting the careers team at Careers@gbmc.ac.uk

  • Will I still receive my student bursary payment?

    All students in receipt of bursary awards for travel and college meals will continue to receive their entitlement.

    If you are entitled to college meals, you will receive a payment into your bank account equivalent to a weekly award of £12.05 (5 days x £2.41). We will continue to keep you informed of any changes to payment frequency or date. 

    If you have any questions you can contact the bursary team on:

    Worthing/Shoreham students: student.support@gbmc.ac.uk 

    Brighton students: financialsupport@gbmc.ac.uk

    Finance information for university-level students can be found here.

    Finance information for university-level students can be found here.

  • How will my course be assessed this year?

    The government has announced that this summer, GCSEs, BTECs and other technical qualifications will be based on teacher-assessed grades. Results will be published on Tuesday 10 August 2021.  

    To ensure you get the best grade possible, it is extremely important that you continue to attend all timetabled sessions and complete all of your assignments.

    If you need to take a qualification in Functional Skills (for example, in order to complete your apprenticeship), then you should still be able to take your assessment, in line with public health measures. There may also be alternative arrangements for you if this is not possible. Teacher-assessed grades will be used to decide your Functional Skills qualification where you cannot access an in-person or remote assessment.

    Click here for a diagram which outlines the process for GCSE and A-Level qualifications.

    If you would like any further information about how GCSEs, Functional Skills or technical qualifications will be assessed this summer, please speak to your teacher.

  • How do I let the College know if I am unwell?

    If you are unable to study at home due to illness, please continue to report your absence in the usual ways. Wherever possible, please also inform your teacher.

  • Will professional, leisure and hobby courses be going ahead?

    Those part-time adult courses that can move to remote delivery will do so, while others will need to be postponed until we are able to return to face-to-face teaching. A representative from the curriculum area will be in touch with you direct to confirm the arrangements.

  • Where can I access support and resources for anxiety about COVID-19? 

    Click here to visit the Anxiety UK website, where you can find easy access to a range of information, resources and support for helping you manage your anxiety during these difficult times. 

  • Where can I read the College's updates?

    All of our updates are posted to our news pages which you can view here.

  • Where can I find contact details for staff in my course area?

    We have put together a list of key contacts for our course areas below:

    Course area Name Job title Email
    AAT Iwona Flanc Curriculum Manager iwona.flanc@gbmc.ac.uk
    Art and Design, Photography and Media Emma Harrington
    Curriculum Manager
    Business and Professional Courses Dermot Farrell Senior Administrator commercial@gbmc.ac.uk

    Business, IT, Travel & tourism and Cabin Crew

    Sarah Keith 

    Linda Laurens

    Curriculum Managers



    Carpentry and
    Painting & Decorating

    Tony Manktelow Curriculum Manager tony.manktelow@gbmc.ac.uk
    CIPD/ ILM Sam Smith Curriculum Manager sam.smith@gbmc.ac.uk

    Construction and Engineering

    Nick Goodson

    Adrienne Bougourd

    Kat James

    Head of Learning

    Senior Administrator (East Campus)

    Senior Administrator (Broadwater and Shoreham)




    Creative Industries

    Ady Symon

    Sophie Colbourne and Admin Team

    Senior Administrator (Brighton)

    Senior Administrator and Admin Team (Worthing) 



    Electrical & Plumbing Mark South Curriculum Manager mark.south@gbmc.ac.uk
    Engineering, Auto & Aero Ronnie Dawson Curriculum Manager ronnie.dawson@gbmc.ac.uk
    English & Maths Laura Shaw E&M Administrator laura.shaw@gbmc.ac.uk
    Jo Wheeler
    ESOL Coordinator
    Film, Games and Digital
    Jim Lee
    Programme Lead jim.lee@gbmc.ac.uk

    Foundation - Graphic Design, Fashion and Textiles, 3D Design, Fine Art, Illustration and Animation/Extended Diploma Art and Design, Fashion and Business

    Georgina Hooper

    Curriculum Manager

    Hair & Beauty
    Rebecca Gonzalez
    Curriculum Manager
    Hospitality & Catering
    Peter Whiffen
    Curriculum Manager
    Kevin Brady
    Head of International kevin.brady@gbmc.ac.uk

    International Foundation Diploma

    Steven Follen

    Course Director

    Sport David May Curriculum Manager
    Uniform Services Neil Cockcroft
    Curriculum Manager neil.cockcroft@gbmc.ac.uk