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College update - Friday 12 June 2020

Dear Student and Parent/Carer

This week we have implemented the necessary arrangements to allow a small number of selected students to safely attend from Monday, 15 June (please see our update from Friday 5 June for more detail about this). 

As we have previously stated, we are reopening specific campuses solely for those students who cannot complete their qualification via remote delivery methods. This is for qualifications which the Awarding Body has stated can only be completed via a practical assessment. 

Those students have - or will be - contacted individually to organise their attendance and to talk through the safety procedures they must follow. Parents/carers will/have also been contacted to talk through any concerns they may have.

Planning for September

We intend to start our next academic year in September, as usual. However, we are preparing for a number of possible scenarios which could affect how our courses are delivered and what procedures are required to be in place on our campuses.

We are planning to share the arrangements with you (including planned start dates for our full-time courses) as soon as we can. They will, of course, be subject to amendments in line with any updates and changes in guidance from the Government over the next few months. As ever, we will continue to put our staff and students’ safety first.

Standing up to racism and prejudice

I also wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge the global response to the killing of George Floyd - a black man, who died when a police officer pressed his knee to George's neck while he was handcuffed on the ground. George's death has sparked global demonstrations and protests against racism and police brutality.

GB MET, as a pillar of our local communities across Brighton, Shoreham, Worthing and beyond, welcomes people from all walks of life, in all subjects. Two of our core values are inclusivity and a community focus, and we will continue to stand up to racism and prejudice wherever we find it.


I will share another update next Friday, 19 June.

Helena Thomas

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