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Student designs impress the V&A

Prop Making degree students at the MET's West Durrington Campus have had their creations featured on the Victoria & Albert Museum blog. The students created tiny 1:6 replica models of historic furniture pieces from the famous London museum’s collection.

The V&A were clearly impressed with the students’ work, as the museum’s blog states: “Each miniature replica showcases the group’s impressive attention to detail and skill, while also subtly drawing attention to details of the original that we might overlook – in effect giving new life to the original pieces.”

In photos of the models, a drawing pin is placed beside each piece to illustrate its tiny size.

The brief was set by tutors Caroline Testa and Stephen Sheffield and the student model-makers were Kirsty Baron, Lotte Van Ginneken, Hannah Benn, Jacques Griffith, Nicola Hartwell, Kerbie Mackrill, Polly Hall, Charles Joy and Sophie King.

The MET’s Prop Making and Special Effects FdA and BA courses cover prop and model making techniques using a wide range of materials from wood, metal and plaster to soft props and puppetry, and graduates are employed by film-makers, theatres, museums and event organisers.

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