Student’s fundraising smashes target

A student at Greater Brighton MET and her friend, have raised over £7,000 by walking the distance between their two homes in Brighton and Norfolk.

Caitlin originally hoped to raise £1,250 for Sturge Weber UK, by walking the staggering 198 miles. However, this incredible achievement has seen them smash their target of £1,250 for the charity, with the total currently sitting in excess of £7,000.

Caitlin and her friend have Sturge Weber syndrome, a rare neurological condition that can trigger life threatening epileptic seizures. The danger of these seizures led to the pair having hemispherectomy surgery when they were toddlers, leaving them with half a brain.

Caitlin said, “I try to raise money as much as I can, Sturge Weber UK is one of the smaller charities that aren’t really known. It is important that this charity is brought up a bit more. I lost my friend four years ago, suddenly, to the condition and it made me realise how lucky I was, and it’s made me want to fundraise more because we haven’t got a lot of young adults that have many opportunities. So for me it’s just about raising awareness and making it more well known.”

“To be honest I was absolutely shattered when we finished the 198 miles! It took over 16 weeks, but we did it step-by-step.  

“The charity just means so much to me, and it is important that I get the awareness out there, and we’re trying to hit the £10K mark! If it’s got this far, then we hope it can go further”.

Programme Lead for Early Years, Sam Morris, said, "We are so proud of Caitlin for putting so much time and commitment into fundraising for such a fantastic cause. The amount of money raised is astonishing and a real achievement".

Caitlin’s mum, Paula Herman, said, “Caity and her friend are two incredibly brave and courageous young ladies, who have overcome so many hurdles to get them where they are today. Lisa and I are so very proud of our amazing daughters.”

A spokesperson for Sturge Weber UK said, “Both Caity and her friend have proven their abilities over their disabilities, they have not only struggled but they have overcome so many things. They’ve exceeded their goal and hope that people can achieve the things that they go for.”

If you would like to find out more about Sturge Weber syndrome, please see their website

You can find out more about Caitlin's achievements on her Just Giving Page here

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