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Students spend a week at Jamie's Farm near Lewes

This summer 10 Brighton MET construction students from our were taken on a week-long residential trip to Jamie’s Farm just north of Lewes, funded by The Fonthill Foundation.

Although the farm is a fully working farm, with a large flock of sheep, cattle, pigs, goats and chickens, it is primarily set up to provide a therapeutic rural experience for students who may be having difficulties with various aspects of their lives.

The daily routine started with some students allocated to feeding and mucking out the animals, while others prepared a hearty breakfast for all. After breakfast, work on the farm progressed. sheep needed to be rounded up, ear tags fitted to the lambs, fences needed to be mended, among many other tasks. The groups were rotated so that everyone got a chance to have a go at all of the activities.

Cooking is a big part of the Jamie’s Farm experience. The students all had a chance to prepare lunch and dinner, as well as breakfast.

The students were also encouraged to check in, at regular group meetings, to update the group on how they were getting on and to give each other encouragement. Time was also set aside for a daily country walk to allow everyone to experience mother nature to the full and to enable people to relax and share their feelings and thoughts about the ‘Life swap’ they were undergoing.

The students all had an immensely invigorating experience and thoroughly enjoyed their time on the Farm. It was challenging at times, but they all fully immersed themselves and faced up to the challenges, coming out the other side with a more confident, optimistic outlook moving forward. This was a fantastic opportunity for all involved.

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