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A Victorian Antithesis - new student exhibition

Northbrook MET Costume Design degree students are showcasing their work in a special exhibition at St Paul’s arts venue in Chapel Road, Worthing.

‘Victorian Antithesis’ which runs from 25 February to 1 March, will showcase the second-year students’ work, with each Victorian costume cut and constructed in plain calico. Conceptual designs on the theme of ‘Antithesis’ have then been applied onto each costume. 

Costume Design tutor Janey Gardiner, said, “Our designs capture the turbulent nature of society during the Victorian era. Many opposing societal and cultural ideas co-existed at the time - for instance total squalor and utter lavishness, natural methods and industrialisation, ancient and contemporary cultures. 

“Through costume, we visually discuss aspects of the era that shaped our society as it still stands today.” 

Two of the students will be present on each day of the show, which will be held in the Glass Room exhibition space of St Paul’s.  

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