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Coronavirus: FAQs for apprentices

Updated: Friday 20 March 4pm. 

As we receive more information, we will update the following questions and answers.


Teaching and assessment 

Delivery of apprenticeships

Impact on my apprenticeship 

Workplace closure 

Contact details 

What can I do to stop the spread of Coronavirus?


Teaching and assessment

How will teaching and assessment continue?

Classes will continue remotely via a virtual learning platform as per your existing timetable. Delivery methods will include email, telephone and other platforms used by the College such as Google Classroom. 

For further student FAQs, please click here.


Delivery of apprenticeships

How will I continue my apprenticeship remotely? 

Facilitating continued learning and development for our apprentices is a high priority.

Assessor visits will now be conducted remotely. Our assessor team will be in contact with you and your line manager to support your learning and arrange a virtual meeting. 

Evidence and work can still be submitted to an assessor via email or through Google Classroom/Drive for remote feedback and assessment. The assessor will be in touch with you to agree a preferred way of working moving forward. 

Are assessor visits and face-to-face meetings now cancelled?

All visits and meetings will now be conducted remotely. We appreciate that we need to be flexible with our approach so should your organisation decide that any remote contact needs to be postponed, we will look to reschedule as appropriate.


Impact on apprenticeships

How will this impact my apprenticeship?

At this time it is hard to give advice on the impact this will have on your apprenticeship. However it is our highest priority to support your learning and development and we will continue to offer remote support during this time.


Workplace closure

What should I do if my workplace closes?

Follow your employer’s guidance and contingency plans. Please also inform your assessor as we will still be able to support you remotely with some off-the-job training or with your Functional Skills.


Contact information

How do I contact you?

Please email Should you need to speak on the phone, one of our team will arrange to call you back. Please ensure we have the most up-to-date contact details for you. 

Who do I inform of my employer’s procedures in response to the current situation?

We ask that you inform us of any risks, updates or procedures your organisation has communicated to you that relate to your apprenticeship. This information should be sent to


Our priority is ensuring our valued employers, apprentices, students and staff remain safe at this time. We will continue to post daily updates on the website. If you need further information, please visit:


Stopping the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The UK government has issued clear guidance on how we can all work together to stop the spread of Coronavirus and save lives during the outbreak. The most important aspect of this guidance for people with no symptoms is 'social distancing'. This means:

1. Don't go out unless absolutely necessary

2. Keep 2 metres apart from people you don't live with

For more information about how to keep yourself and others safe at this time please visit the government website.

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