Student accommodation in Worthing

Living in Worthing

Worthing is about 20 minutes from central Brighton by rail or road.

It is the largest town in West Sussex and sits between the sea and the natural beauty of the south downs.

The town has a busy high street as well as pubs, clubs, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, sports centres and bowling.

MET listed student houses

Most students use our list of self-catering student house-shares in Worthing, most of which can accommodate groups of 4 to 6 students. These properties are owned and managed by private landlords who have signed our Student Accommodation Code.

The College reserves the right to withdraw properties from this list if students are not satisfied and this gives landlords an incentive to uphold standards. The College does not inspect the properties but any houses accommodating five or more students are required to hold an 'HMO' licence that normally means they have been inspected by the local council.

We will send you further information after you apply about accommodation options.

Other ways to find a room

Below are some useful websites that provide a service for people looking for a room in a shared house or flat.

You may be able to find a room with other people in Worthing or Brighton using these services.

Getting to our campus from your accommodation

Most of the student houses on our list are close to Worthing station, near the town centre and seafront.

Getting to West Durrington Campus:

  • Train (7 minutes on the train from Worthing to Goring-by-Sea station, followed by approximately 7 minutes' walk to the campus)
  • Bike (approximately 25 minutes)
  • Bus (approximately 15 minutes)
  • Walk (approximately 45 minutes)

Getting to Shoreham Airport Campus:

  • Train (approximately 9 minutes from Worthing to Shoreham-by-Sea station, followed by approximately 20 minutes' walk to the campus)
  • Bus (approximately 20 minutes)

Housemate Finder

Putting you in touch with other house-hunting students

If you are looking for student accommodation, you can get in touch with other MET students who are looking for accommodation with our Housemate Finder group on Facebook.

If you have accepted the offer of a place to study at the MET, you will be sent instructions for joining the group. This Facebook group is for students who will be aged 18 or over when they start their course.

Please make sure you have 'firmly' accepted an offer of a place to study at the MET in order to receive joining instructions.

Housemate Finder

Rental contracts

You will be entering into a contract with your landlord and the College has no contractual or other relationships with private providers. We advise students to view accommodation prior to signing any tenancy agreement. Students should read contracts carefully and, if necessary, take independent legal advice before entering into any agreement. 

Whilst the College endeavours to provide students with information regarding accommodation, please note that private providers have not been inspected by the College and are examples of what is available in the local area. The College cannot influence the standard of properties or terms on which it is let. However properties that can be substantiated to be in breach of our Student Accommodation Code will risk being removed from the College’s list. The College reserves the right to withdraw any information concerning accommodation without notification or reason. Students should read contracts carefully and, if necessary, take independent legal advice before entering into any agreement. We strongly advise students to view accommodation prior to signing any tenancy agreement. The College is unable to take any responsibility for any agreements made between the provider and student.


Rental Fraud in Student Accommodation

Seasonal rental fraud is an emerging trend with students looking for suitable accommodation around August, before the start of the new term. Fraudsters use a variety of websites to advertise available properties to rent often at attractive rates and convenient locations. Adverts will seem genuine, accompanied by a number of photos and contact information to discuss your interest. Due to demand, students will often agree to pay upfront fees to secure the property quickly, without viewing the property, only to discover that the fraudster posing as the landlord does not have ownership of the property, or often there are already tenants living there.  

Protect yourself: 

• Only use reputable letting companies.
• Do some online research such as using Google maps to check the property does exist. 
• Make an appointment to view the property in person.
• Always view the property prior to paying any advance fees.
• Look out for warning signs, such as landlords requesting a ‘holding deposit’ due to the property being in high demand. 

A landlord will usually conduct some due diligence on any successful applicant. Be wary of handing over cash without the landlord requesting employment or character references. 

Information for landlords

If you are a landlord seeking to let out a property to our students, please download the following information and complete our Student Accommodation Code. This is an agreement that our students will be dealt with in a professional manner. Please send your signed code to: Estates Manager, Greater Brighton Metropolitan College, Pelham Street, Brighton BN1 6JS. 

Please note that the College does not get involved with any arrangements made between yourselves as landlords and our students as tenants. However, if we receive any complaints from our students we reserve the right to remove your details from any lists we share with our students.

If you would like to offer a student a room in your own home, please see the 'Host a student' section at the bottom of our international student accommodation page or alternatively put your details on and our students will find you. 

Contact us for more information