Fees & financial support for degree courses

Financing university-level study

We know paying for a degree course can seem daunting, but most students don’t have to pay anything until they can afford to.

The government offers student loans to cover your fees and living costs and you will only have to pay them back in small instalments when your future salary is over £2,143 per month.

In addition, the college offers financial support in the form of bursaries for eligible students.

Financing university-level study

Student loans and government support

Tuition fee loan – If you apply for a tuition fee loan, the government will pay your fees directly to the college for you.

Maintenance loan – If you apply for a maintenance loan, you can receive money each term towards your rent, food and other living costs. The amount will depend on whether your parents, carers or household can afford to contribute.

Paying back your loans - The loan repayments will be automatically deducted from your future salary in small instalments. If at any time you are earning less than £2,143 per month, you won’t have to pay anything. After 30 years, if you still owe anything, the debt will be cancelled.

Childcare support – The government also offers childcare support.

Disability support - The Disabled Student's Allowance (DSA) is available, if applicable.

Who can apply? – UK students. Students must be aged 18 or over and be studying for their first higher education qualification (eg BA, FdA, BSc, FdEng, HND, HNC or PGCE). Part-time students can also apply, providing their course is at least 25% intensity of an equivalent full-time course. 

How to apply for student loans – Visit gov.uk/studentfinance


Bursaries from the College

Low household income - If you have a household income of under £25,000 and are in receipt of a full maintenance loan, you may be entitled to a bursary. Payments are linked to attendance. We will contact students who may be eligible to apply by the end of the first term of the current academic year.

Care-leaver – If you have been living in care, you can apply for a bursary. Limited bursaries are available. To apply, please visit our bursary portal here

Continuing MET student – If you are progressing from a Level 3 course at the MET, you can apply for a bursary. To apply, please visit our bursary portal here

The bursary application portal for the academic year 21/22  is currently not open as yet. In the meantime should you require any further assistance, please contact us on 01903 273014 or by email at student.support@gbmc.ac.uk

Former NVQ or Higher Apprenticeship student - If you are entering higher education with either of these qualifications, you may be entitled to a bursary. Payments are linked to attendance and we will contact students who may be eligible.

Experiencing hardship during studies - The ‘Access to Learning Fund’ is based on a student’s income and expenditure during their course. In order to apply, students must be receiving their full loan entitlement and be struggling to meet basic living costs. To apply, please visit our bursary portal here

How much are the MET’s higher education tuition fees?

Course fees in 2022-23

Three-year BA Degree courses
UK students: £8,600 per year

Two-year Foundation Degree courses
UK students: £8,600 per year

Part-time (five-year) BA Degree courses
UK students: £4,685 per year

Full-time HNC & HND courses
UK students: £6,800 per year

Part-time HNC & HND courses
UK students: £1,685 per year

PGCE course
UK students: £8,600

One-year top-up BSc Motorsport Technology
UK students: £8,600 per year

How much are the MET’s higher education tuition fees?

Paying your fees in instalments without a loan

If your fee is not being paid by a government student loan and you are paying it direct to the college yourself - you can pay your fee by direct debit in three equal installments, normally taken on 1 October, 1 December and 1 February. A £100 refundable deposit must be paid prior to starting your course.

Additional course costs

Some courses may have additional costs for equipment. These are detailed on the course pages of this website.

We are here to help

MET Student Financial Services Team

For more information on what financial support is available, please contact a member of the Student Financial Support team direct on 01903 273014 or email student.support@gbmc.ac.uk.

We also offer an all year round drop in service, at our West Durrington campus, open at the following times:

Monday to Friday 12.00 to 2.00pm

Student loans

If you want to get more information about student loans:

Visit www.gov.uk/student-finance

EU Team - DfES 01412 433570

United Kingdom 

Standard cancellation charge and refunds

It is not College policy to issue refunds unless it has been necessary to cancel the course and a substitute alternative is not available. There may be circumstances in which there are insufficient fee paying students to allow the course to be run. In these instances the College reserves the right to cancel the course. If this occurs, we will notify you and you will receive a full refund.

If the decision to withdraw from the course is that of the student, either prior to or within the first two weeks of the course commencing, a Standard Cancellation Charge of £50 will always be payable. Students who withdraw after the first two weeks will be required to pay the full fee. A £25 charge is levied to all students who do not attend an exam which they are registered for.

No refunds will be initiated if classes are cancelled for circumstances beyond the College's control.

If the student decides to take some time out and their fees are reduced accordingly, but they do not return in the following academic year as agreed, they will be liable to pay the full fee for that academic year less the term(s) that they have already paid.