Design Culture: Virtual Twilight Lecture Series

We're delighted to be hosting a series of weekly Design Culture Virtual Twilight Lectures with Q&A delivered by Juliana Sissons throughout April and May 2021.

The lectures are free and open to students at GB MET, other local sixth form and college students, and people in our wider community.

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About Juliana

Juliana is a knitwear designer, professional pattern cutter, and educator; she delivers Masterclasses in ‘creative cutting’ and ‘shape making’ to universities internationally. She regularly presents her work at the British Fashion Council and is a Designer in residence at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Juliana has written books about Knitwear design in education, for Bloomsbury publications and her knitwear collections have sold to a range of exclusive stores in London and Los Angeles.

As a freelance cutter, her clients have included Alexander McQueen, Shelley Fox, Hewitt’s of Savile Row, and BBC Television. Her work has been commissioned by artists including Andrew Logan, Stephen Willats, Leigh Bowery, Britney Spears, and style icon Isabella Blow. She is currently serving as the main consultant to ‘sKINship’ working in collaboration with the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS). 

Upcoming events


Date and time


London’s alternative club culture in the early 80s. We will explore the colourful personalities that inhabited these clubs and delve into the inspiration and reasons behind the dressing up and the creations of new identities.

Tuesday 20 April,
5.30pm - 7pm

Bubbling Up

From clubwear to catwalk, blurring genders and conformality. We will discuss how fashion ideas that champion individual expression, translate into mainstream and look at the influence that young designers, clubbers and activists have on ‘high fashion’ and ‘fashion trends’.


Tuesday 27 April,
5.30pm - 7pm


Fashion Identity

Unpicking the qualities, beliefs, personality, and expressions that make a designer label. We will dissect the identity of a brand to gain an understanding of the qualities that define a signature.


Tuesday 4 May,
5.30pm - 7pm


Fashion and a Museum Audience

Does fashion design have a place in a museum setting? We will look at a Designer in Residence at the V&A Museum in London, to explore the development of a fashion collection, inspired by its setting.

Tuesday 11 May,
5.30pm - 7pm

Sustainable Design

The ‘Fashioned Form Nature’ exhibition at the V&A Museum provided a platform from which to explore the notion of sustainability with the question of “what can we learn from the mistakes of the past?” hanging heavy in the air. We will take look at sustainability and think about the sourcing of our clothing and the environmental footprint our fashion choices have.

Tuesday 18 May,
5.30pm to 7pm

Illustration, A Case Study

Drawing for communication. We will explore the different ways drawing can be used through a variety of working experiences, from the tailor drawing straight onto cloth, drafting measurements to the designer illustrating design development and creating an aesthetic.

Tuesday 25 May,
5.30pm - 7pm

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