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Carol Hart

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My career has spanned 35 years and started in hairdressing. I was lucky enough to be part of the creative teams in some amazing companies traveling the world doing seminars and designing products. I trained in make up 30 years ago, combined my skills and launched myself as a freelance hair and makeup artist.
It has been a long and varied career, allowing me to work as a hair and makeup designer on a wide variety of projects, fashion shoots and shows, adverts, commercials, pop videos or album covers for music artists, red carpet, designing dramas and working on films.
The college have been very supportive and I continue to do small projects even now, allowing me to take some of the more motivated students with me and give them an insight into the wonderful working world of a mark-up and hair artist.
You can expect a working environment of professionals who enjoy the creative process and want to share their wealth of knowledge and experience.
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