Dr Judy Harris

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Dr Judy Harris

Counselling Tutor Email: judy.harris@gbmc.ac.uk

Qualifications and Specialisms

After working as a teacher and then headteacher for ten years, I retrained as a counsellor/ psychotherapist and now as a supervisor. I am a registered member of BACP and have my own counselling practice but continue to be involved in education through working in adult education, delivering counselling training courses.


I am passionate about all that I do as I believe fundamentally that we all have times in our lives when events in the present or issues from our past overwhelm us: times when we struggle with relationships, pressures of work or the demands and expectations of other people; times when we feel 'stuck', filled with sadness, guilt, shame or loss.It isn't always easy - or appropriate - to talk to colleagues, family members or friends when we feel inadequate and depressed by the demands and experiences of our work.
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