GCSE Maths | Worthing

Course Type: Adult GCSEs Campus: Broadwater Campus Start Date: September 2020 Duration: 36 weeks Qualification: GCSE in Mathematics Awarding Body: EDEXCEL

Why this course?

Teacher instructing a group of older female students

This course aims to develop a positive attitude towards maths and the ability to solve problems.


A variety of resources are available to you both in and out of the classroom and classroom work will include the discussion and application of your maths knowledge to exam style problems.


We are running the new 9-1 syllabus this year. Your progress is monitored throughout the course and your grade is decided by three final exams at the end of the course.


Entry requirements

Your core maths skills will be assessed at interview to see if you are at the correct level for this course. If not, we will advise you on the pre-GCSE courses we have available.

Entry requirements
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