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Accommodation for international students

Homestays, shared houses, hotels and guesthouses


We understand that your accommodation is an important part of your stay and that you should be happy and comfortable with whatever choice you make.
All of our accommodation is thoroughly checked and monitored in accordance with the standards set out in the British Council’s Accreditation UK Scheme. We visit each of our hosts and we aim to place you in a homestay that suits your preferences. Most accommodation options are located within 30 minutes travel distance to the MET.

Homestay accommodation
A homestay will give you the perfect introduction to life in the UK and will help you to improve your English much faster. Homestays normally offer half board (breakfast and dinner), single room accommodation with shared bathroom facilities. Twin rooms are available for students travelling together. A limited number of homestays are available with private bathroom, please contact us for price and availability.

Hosts offering homestay accommodation treat students as a full member of the household, eating together and sharing the common living areas. No more than four students will be accommodated in homestay accommodation at any one time.

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Private home
A private home is a great option for students who wish to live in a British home but want more independence, and want to cook their own meals. Private homes normally offer access to cooking facilities, single room accommodation with shared bathroom facilities. Private homes are only available to students aged over 18. Private homes have no minimum or maximum number of students they can accommodate.

Shared student houses
A shared student house is a great option if you want to be independent and share a house with other international students. Shared student houses normally offer shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. Student houses are only available to students aged over 18 and are offered subject to availability from our third-party provider.

Other types of accommodation
A range of guesthouses, hotels, residences and other accommodation types are available in Brighton at different times of year and for lengths of stay. Please contact us for help.

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 Accommodation fees 2017/18

Half Board


 Homestay single



 Homestay twin (students travelling together - price per person)



 Shared student house


From £195

 Accommodation booking fee


 Student house booking fee


Accommodation distance from college

We aim to place students no more than 30 minutes' travel distance to college by public bus or on foot. In some cases, for example in peak times, it is necessary to places students up to 45 minutes' travel distance. This is to ensure we can select homestays which meet our standards and requirements.

As a MET student you will be eligible for some student discounts on travel. A weekly student bus ticket valid across the whole Brighton network is around £14. Please visit the Brighton and Hove buses website for more information on current student fares: 

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Host a student

Do you have an empty spare room or do you know someone who does? Would you like to earn some extra cash this year? 

The MET is looking for local residents to help accommodate our International students. We are looking for hosts available for short- and long-term stays to house a variety of students from all around the world. 


  • Catered accommodation: providing bed, breakfast and evening meal
  • Self-catered accommodation: students cook for themselves
  • Single rooms with storage space for clothes and a desk for study
  • Homes within 20 minutes bus-ride to Brighton MET (Central campus) and Northbrook MET (Broadwater campus)
  • Hosts who are open to accepting students aged 16+

We accept all types of hosts - families or single people, with children or without, as long as you provide a safe and welcoming environment for our learners.

You can download our application from here and return it to

To request a full application pack contact or 01273667752

Host a student

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