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Introduction to Programming using Python

Course Type: Adult qualifications and professional, Adult leisure and hobby, Open to international students Campus: Central Brighton Campus Entry requirements: This course assumes no knowledge of programming.

Course aims

This is a basic introduction to Python programming on the PC computer. To help you develop programming skills that can then be used with other languages and systems.

Python is most the common teaching language, and is now becoming an important commercial language as well. 

This course is suitable for: 

  • Anyone who wants to learn programming from scratch
  • Anyone thinking about studying computing/computer science/web development and wants to know whether the subject is for them
  • Teachers from primary school up to GCSE computer science level who are delivering programming courses for the first time
  • Parents who want to understand computer science homework
  • We recommend this course prior to studying our HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP/MySQL courses

Start dates

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Code Start Campus Times Duration Fees ?
CM0102-1C 10 Sep 2018 Central Brighton Thursdays, 6.00pm - 9.00pm 8 weeks £304.00

The fee listed is the full course cost. Discounts may be available depending on your circumstances.

Course Units

  • Week 1 "You talking to me PC?" Input and output
  • Week 2 "Do the Math." Storing data and doing calculations
  • Week 3 "Just stringing me along" Making the computer deal with text not just numbers
  • Week 4 "I used to be undecided, now I'm not so sure." Decisions in computer programs
  • Week 5 "Play it again (and again) Sam." Loops or how to make the computer repeat instructions
  • Week 5 "Computer says No." Handling errors - more on what to do if your program won't work
  • Week 7 "Why programming is like Lego". Building bigger programs out of simple functions
  • Week 8 "What a save!". Making your program save data on disk

Why the MET?

  • Small class sizes
  • Up-to-date equipment
  • Experienced tutor
  • Online resources to allow further study at home
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