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Core teaching team:

Niall Carson - Programme Lead and Course leader of Level 1 Music and Media.



On the Level 1 Music and Media course you are shown how to make music on a computer using Logic X in any style of your choice. No previous experience is required as you will be shown how to do everything from scratch.

You will also make music by recording a variety of sounds with microphones. Some of these recordings will be of the usual instruments; guitars, bass vocals etc and some of the sounds you will record will be the sounds of random objects or found sounds.

You will make some music videos to go with the tracks you have created.

Some of the work you will do solo and some you will do in small groups of 3 or 4.

There is a media angle to the course which involves projects like making a radio play and advert, creating sounds for TV and film and adding sound effects to a movie trailer of your choice. All of your best work is ultimately uploaded to the website you will make as your final show piece.

The aim of Level 1 is to give you an insight into several aspects of the sound and recording industry and to prepare you for Level 2.

Of course you will be expected to attend Maths and English lessons as part of the course.

Check out our student music videos in this playlist.

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L1 Diploma in Music & Media



Tuesday 6 September


10.30am - 3pm



  • Tuesday 6 September (10.30am-3pm)
  • Wednesday 7 September (9.30am-2.15pm)
  • Thursday 8th September (9.30am-1.45pm)


  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday

Digital skills

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Digital skills

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Student testimonials

"Fantastic ,passionate and the most energetic teacher I have seen towards all of his students. He is  always determined to help every student to get the job done  and he has a  high amount of patience for those who are maybe difficult. I couldn't ask for a better teacher, Top marks and the  best teacher around so far!!!! Best music teacher by all means He got me to where I am now with the best advice I could ask for."

Mark Williams, Level 1

"At the beginning I thought that I was the only person who had no idea how to make music but when I came for my first lesson I noticed that I was scared for nothing. Everyone was a beginner like me and everyone was working hard to know more about music. Level 1 Music and Media taught us how to use the music program logic pro and how to use microphones and mixing desks and also how to work with people.

The teacher of Level 1 music and media was helping us all the time. I learned lots and I found lots of friends and also I started to feel more confident and I hope that new people at college can feel the same not only in this course but in all of the courses that they chose."

Patrycja,  Level 1