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We're really excited to welcome you to the Music Performance & Production (Level 2) course at our West Durrington Campus!


  • Ensure you complete your enrolment form. This will be emailed to you over the summer.
  • Attend course confirmation at the end of August. You will receive an invite to this session near the time.
  • Buy any kit required for the course. Details are available below.
  • Watch the videos and read the quotes from previous students.
  • Take a virtual tour of our facilities.

Core teaching team:

Niall Carson - Programme Lead, and lecturer of Level 2 Music Performance

Phil Minns - Promotion and music business lecturer

Staff profile photo of Phil Minns

Kit list

  • USB Pen drive 16 GB - All your work is stored on the college servers but it is always a good idea to back up your work regularly.Audio projects can be big so You’ll want at least 16GB of storage.
  • Headphones - Headphones are provided for you but the college ones often break as not everyone looks after them well so It’s a good idea to have your own.They need to be wired (not bluetooth) with 3.5mm Jacks and your own 6.35 mm adapter. Closed back headphones will provide the maximum isolation.

About the course

Music Performance

The main aim of Level 2 Music Performance is to improve your skills at being a performer in a band.

You will play 4 gigs in the year, the first one is in private at the college. The second is also at the college but we invite friends and family. The third gig in previous years has been at Bar 42 in Worthing town centre. The fourth is the biggest gig and is held at the theatre here at GB MET.

In rehearsals you will learn how to play cover songs of your favourite artists, we don’t choose the songs for you, you choose them. You are also encouraged to write and perform your own songs, we will help you with this.

There is studio time for you to make demos of the songs you are performing.

The research you will do will be about the songs you are performing and how to improve and also about techniques on your instrument.

You will be expected to film yourself practicing and then evaluate your progress.

There are also industry lessons where you learn about the different roles in the music industry and how to promote yourselves.

Of course you will be expected to attend Maths and English lessons as part of the course.

Music Production

On the Level 2 Music Production course you are shown how to make music on a computer using Logic X in any style of your choice. No previous experience is required as you will be shown how to do everything from scratch.

You will also make music by recording a variety of sounds with microphones. Some of these recordings will be of the usual instruments; guitars, bass vocals etc and some of the sounds you will record will be the sounds of random objects or found sounds.

You will also work with the performance students making recordings of them and then processing these recordings to make your own tracks.

Other projects you will do include making music videos, making a radio show and learning about the music industry and how to promote your work.

Some of the work you will do solo and some you will do in small groups of 3 or 4.

Of course you will be expected to attend Maths and English lessons as part of the course.

Check out our student music videos in this playlist


Course title

First day date

First day times

First day room

Induction dates/times

Usual days in after induction week


L2 Diploma in Music Performance and Production



Monday 5 September


9.30am - 3pm



  • Monday 5 September (9.30am - 3pm)
  • Friday 9 September (9.15am-1pm)


  • Technology: Monday, Tuesday and Friday

  • Performance: Monday and Thursday

L3 Diploma in Music Performance and Production

Tuesday 6 September

10am - 4.45pm


  • Tuesday 6 September (10am-4.45pm)
  • Friday 9 September (10am - 2.45pm)
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

    (Group A and B days are the same but different times)

L3 Extended Diploma in Music Performance and Production

Tuesday 6 September

10am - 5pm


  • Tuesday 
  • Friday

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