Connor impresses at Pilgrim Motorsports

Chrissy Terry, our Work Experience Coordinator has recently been working with local vehicle engineering firm Pilgrim Motorsports to support them with industry work placements.

Nicola Bennett, a manager at Pilgrim recently shared her experience of working with the College to provide industry placements and the positive impact it has had on their business.

Nicola contacted the College about two years ago to discuss various aspects of taking on industrial placements and apprenticeships. At first she struggled to persuade the directors at her company, as they had several concerns about bringing 'teenagers' into the workshop.

However, with time they agreed and took on MET student Connor Antram.

Nicola said, "Connor started an industrial work placement with us last year. We were delighted, he worked hard and was keen to learn. Our team were happy to teach him. He showed extreme passion and quickly earned their respect. He always arrived early, never left on time, wanted to see the job through, and even came in once he had attained the required hours to complete his course. We found him to be self-motivated and a pleasure to have in the workshop. He attended team social gatherings and joined us at car meetings and shows like The Breakfast Club and Festival Of Speed. Connor paved the way for future Work Experience students, his positive attitude and great work ethic made the task of persuading our Directors to support both the College and students in the future very easy.  

We offered Connor a position in our Classic Car Service Centre, and he earned his place on the team. On his final day at college, he drove one of our Mustangs to the MET.

Our positive experience [with Connor] has enabled me to offer other students Industrial Placements, it has now become part of our business plan to offer an Apprenticeship to candidates that have successfully completed a placement with us."

What an amazing testament to the importance and value of work experience!

If you would like to find out more about offering work experience placements to students at the MET, please contact our WEX Team.


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